1. Stop messaging us on a random social media sites at 3 am, we get it, you're horny.


2. Don't ask us what we want to eat.

Just go somewhere, we'll never know what we want.

3. Do NOT talk about your genitalia in the first 2 minutes of us meeting you, GROSS.

4. No, you can't have my number.

But here's my snap, Alikatt16.

5. My hair is sacred, ask before touching it.

And I'll probably still say no.

6. Stop asking for my friends' numbers, I'm hot too.

7. No one cares about your car. You're not a photographer. You actually suck.

8. Stop posting pictures of yourself at the gym. Chances are you're scrawny anyway.

9. Back to the penis thing... we don't want pictures either. They actually turn us off.

10. Stop telling me to smile.

I probably hate you.

11. PERIODS are a natural and NORMAL part of being a woman. Stop being grossed out by it, you're not the one bleeding out for 7 days asshole.

12. I'm an adult. Stop calling me cute, I'm a sexy, Goddess of Hotness.

13. How many times has a guy said, "Oh, you're way hotter than her". I DO NOT CARE, do not degrade another woman to make me feel good. I feel shitty.

14. Breathing.

15. STOP, calling random girls "Babe" or "Baby", I'm Ali, she's Kelsey.

16. Stop assuming all girls are crazy, most of us are but some are still pretty cool and don't have daddy issues.

17. Don't lie about your true intentions, be mature.

18. Cheating.

19. Stop talking about your sparkplugs.

20. Your shirt never needs to be that tight.

21. Talk about your penis like it's another person.

22. Stop asking me to call you "Daddy".

23. No, I don't want to cuddle, I just met you.

24. Complaining about wearing condoms is dead, just like I will be when my mom finds out I'm pregnant.

25. Stop playing video games in front of me. I would rather get stung by a million bees.

26. Don't be on your phone when you're with me.