Growing up in Seaford has been an exciting but hard journey. There have been so many people that I have met, things I've seen, and memories that I would never take back. I wrote this article to bring back some memories and crack a smile for the people who like me, grew up in Seaford. So here are 25 ways you know you grew up in Seaford, NY:

1. You never understood how people knew where Massapequa and Wantagh are but not Seaford.

2. You can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know.

3. You were once a football player or a cheerleader for the Broncos.

4. Your middle school planner was filled with drawings of the "cool S" for Seaford.

5. Your whole grade could fit into a house party.

6. On Halloween, your first stop was always to Crescent Cove.

7. You spent your Fridays at Tarallo's then Hi Foods after middle school.

8. Only people from your town will understand what CNC is.

9. When you hung out with the guy/girl you liked,the whole town knew about it, even your mom.

10. The fair was the highlight of your summer and the thing you looked forward to the most.

11. You spent your time before and after the fair on the wooden bridge.

12. Carmine's was your favorite pizza place.

13. In high school, your weekends were spent at Cedar (or a random parking lot).

14. When you went to another school for a game, you realized how much cooler and bigger that school was.

15. Senior year was the only time you could leave for lunch because your high school was in the middle of no where (it once was even a cow farm).

16. You always ran into Generous D.

17. No matter how long the lines were, you always got your bagels from Seaford Bagels.

18. You've been to way too many Sweet 16s.

19. You couldn't wait for Friday Night Live in middle school.

20. You always went to Sequa after finals.

21. You could never go to the Seaford Cinemas without getting Ralph's after.

22. You will always refer to Stop and Shop as Pathmark.

23. You went to the high school every year on 9/11 to honor and remember the five Seaford Alumni that were lost that day and the many others.

24. Homecoming weekend was your favorite.

25. Although your town is small and there's nothing to do, you'd never regret the friends and memories you've made.