25 Ways Seniors And The Grinch Are The Same

The Grinch is quickly becoming one of the internet's favorite Christmas characters. He has always had a special place in my heart, but it wasn't until the last time I watched the live-action movie that I realized how much I relate to him. So here are 25 ways seniors and the Grinch are the exact same.

1. This is your reaction when people come into the room while you're studying

Seriously though, don't you know I'm trying to graduate??

2. And this is exactly what commuting looks like

Don't even @ me.

3. What you want to say when the teacher's pet asks about an assignment that was due today

Shut up, Karen! Don't you know you're the only one who did it??

4. You see freshmen like Cindy Lou

They are so excited for all the adventures ahead.

5. Can't relate to them

You'd think that 4 years wouldn't make such a difference!

6. And their complaints about stress

7. But hanging out with them results in you having a little more life

8. When friends bring up the fact you won't be around next year

You can't help but feel all the feels.

9. So you send everyone encouraging notes through the mailroom

10. And go to ALL the events.

Concerts, parties, movie nights, bowling? Sure, I'll be there!

11. You have eaten because you're bored... or stressed... or both.

12. Sometimes you forget to interact with people

13. And finding the perfect outfit to go out is a struggle

But you slay once you find one.

14. Looking at all of your homework like

Why. Is. Everything. Due. All. At. Once.

15. Being completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of all you have to get done

You might even schedule it.

16. Telling yourself you'll work out more this year

17. When you actually avoid procrastinating finishing your homework

18. And your definition of cleaning looks something like this

We've all done it.

19. How you feel about your friends

20. Being proud of the dinner you made them

21. Because it usually looks like this

22. Chilling at home on a Saturday

23. As soon as you see any drama you're out

24. Looking back at the last semester like

When you totally lost your cool.

25. You'll be SO happy when graduation finally arrives


Do you relate? Let me know in the comments below :)

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