25 Tips From A 5th-Year Senior To Incoming Freshmen
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Student Life

25 Tips From A 5th-Year Senior To Incoming Freshmen

Trust me, after four years I know a thing or two.

25 Tips From A 5th-Year Senior To Incoming Freshmen
Regina Hilton

With school quickly approaching, I would like to offer some words of advice to incoming freshmen. I am sure many other writers will be doing the same, but I hope that this will help coming from a fifth year senior. I am going into my fifth year because I have had four different majors until I finally decided to stick with one. I would say that I am ready to leave college, but a larger part of me is excited to have one more year at BGSU. I hope these tips will help you think of something new, reinforce what you have already heard, make you laugh or get you excited for some of the best days of your life. Remember, everything is what you make of it. So, if you want a good experience then do what you can to make it one. Lets get started!!

1. Live on campus for at least one year.

This was the board on our door. We loved all the notes! I think the college dorm experience is a once in a lifetime chance. There are many horror stories of dorm life, but I would say there are more good stories. Living in a dorm will introduce you to many different people. It is an easy way to make friends. After all, you will be sharing a home with these people. Also, put a message board on your door. You will get many laughs from all of the notes.

2. Room with someone you trust.

Three of my best friends from high school went to the same college, so we roomed two and two. Haley ended up being my roommate for three years. Living with someone I trusted took any issue away as roommates. Surprisingly, we had no issues and I had a blast living with a best friend.

3. Hang stuff (Christmas lights) on your walls even though they tell you not to.

Defy the rules and make your dorm feel like home. Feeling comfortable in your own space is very important. It may be a fire hazard, but I took the risk. However, I would not spend too much money on decorations and other accessories. I can tell you that I do not have anything from that dorm anymore, so save your money and get crafty.

4. Keep up with your laundry and set a timer on your phone.

Yes, that is me under the basket. There are limited washers and dryers in the dorms. It is very embarrassing to have your clothes thrown out on the tables because you forgot to get them. This picture may be when I quickly ran from McDonald's back to the dorm because my laundry was left unattended for three hours... oops.

5. Get close to your residential advisors (RAs)... They're more forgiving when they like you.

I believe in this picture we were out past curfew. We reminded him of how much he loved us. Being close to my RA meant having a person to confide in, while keeping an open relationship. It may have also kept me out of trouble more than once, but with limitations.

6. Introduce yourself to others, you never know when you are going to meet your best friends.

I remember showing up to orientation and being so nervous to meet new people. I met Allison that day and I occasionally ran into her at unexpected places. Then one day we had class together and we have been best friends ever since. So, a random girl at orientation has turned into a life long friend.

7. A combination of 1. & 6.

Living in a dorm will introduce you to people on your floor, the floors below and above you, and the friends of those people. The connections are endless. These gals made living in Kreischer Darrow fun.

9. Be aware of fire alarms.

I am pretty sure that my dorm broke a record of fire alarms for a semester. One night there were 3 alarms in one night. People would use hairspray to set off alarms for fun, they would burn popcorn, or some people did not know you have to add water to your ramen... come on people! Shannon and Emily were taking showers when one alarm went off.

10. Attend a football game at least once.

The visual culture at sporting events is enough to make you feel apart of a large community. Even if you are not a fan of sports this is something worth experiencing at least once. I also really enjoyed the hockey games!

11. Join a club or organization.

This is a must if you are still having a hard time meeting people or would like to meet more people with common interests. You will meet so many people who maybe share that one common interest but have nothing else in common. All it takes is the one common interest to build a relationship and bond. For me, my organization feels like a family.

12. Go on every school trip possible.

Some of the places you go to through school would be way to expensive to go on your own. Organizations and other school trips or study abroad programs do the best they can to make them affordable.

13. Expose yourself to new places.

In continuation from 12., visit museums, landmarks, new cities, etc. All things new. When you are introduced to new places you might figure out where you want to have your career or that you want a traveling career.

14. Consider your resume from day one.

People always say, "it's not what you know, it's who you know." This may be true but there is another side to that story. Yes, you should build your connections. However, the resume is important. It is what you do to form your experiences to give you skills that make you more capable in your field.

15. Utilize campus resources.

If you look closely at your tuition bill you will see all the hidden amenities you pay for. USE your resources! Do not be ashamed to use the tutoring facilities in the library. Instead be proud that you care enough to truly educate yourself!

16. Save your money.

Personally, I would be in a much better position now if I would have started saving money as a freshman. I know it may be hard to be in that mind set, but it will make things easier if you keep a savings for yourself for emergencies or life after college. This world is expensive and as sad as it is you can not do much without money. So, start saving now! This truly is my biggest regret in the last four years.

17. Do not buy books from the bookstore. Better yet, do not buy your books... rent them.

There are many cost effective ways to get your books. Here are just a few: Chegg, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Ohio Link (online library, rent for free). Unless you think a book is going to be an available resource for your major or outside of the class that requires it, do not buy it.

18. Communicate with your professors.

Building relationships with your professors make it easier to learn in their classroom. Most of my professors and instructors are very attentive and personable with their students. I have had a professor who saved me from failing a class because he did not stop believing in me. I have had professors who have seen my at my worst and even let me cry in their offices (one of them is in the picture above). I have had a professor who hosted a cookout for his students and an instructor who has challenged me to the point of frustration. As long as you show interest in your success than your educators will as well.

19. Drink coffee and a lot of water... sleep deprivation is real.

Both of these will help with energy. You will be sleep deprived at some point. If you do not like coffee then try tea. It is true what they say about hydration. Water really does help with your overall health and energy levels! Trust me!

20. Eat breakfast.

It is so important to allow time to eat. I always felt sick when I was not eating the right amount each day. Skipping breakfast once in awhile is inevitable. I am the kind of person who will wake up 5 minutes before I have to leave and still make it somewhere on time. Then I realized that I could not get through my day feeling energized without breakfast.

21. The freshman 15 is real... so be careful.

This is no joke!! If you have a meal plan on campus it is almost impossible to find healthy food that you will not get bored of. The best advice I have is to not stress eat or over eat. Also, stay away from McDonalds and Taco Bell. You should probably beware of your pizza intake... that is what got me.

22. Choose your friends wisely.

I can say from experience that you will want to choose friends who will promote you and help make you the best you. Do not waste your college days in toxic friendships. Get yourself friends that are worth it!

23. Leave room for social time.

Consuming yourself with school work is exhausting. Find time to socialize outside of school. Grab a coffee, go for a hike, go out, anything that connects you with your friends!

24. But, know when it is not time to socialize.

Find a balance between school and social outings. There are a few times that I can remember where I put social interactions ahead of my school work. It became an issue when I constantly procrastinated and did not do my best in school. Luckily, the summers and breaks help get me back into focus.

25. Lastly, the classic cliche: HAVE FUN.

This is self-explanatory and a cliche statement. However, make the most of your college career!!! College is very fun, but eventually, it comes to an end. So, have fun!!!

I feel like I am leaving out a ton of advice but I know the rest will be found from self-exploration! I hope these pictures and descriptions get you excited and help you consider new ideas! Good luck, you can do this!

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