25 Times Parks and Recreation Has Totally Described Your Life

25 Times Parks and Recreation Has Totally Described Your Life

We have to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.


Whether you're an avid Parks And Rec watcher or just reading this to pretend like you don't have five hundred hours of studying ahead of you; I hope this makes you laugh as much as writing it made me laugh.

1. Writing a paper at 2 am that’s due at 9 am

2. When you have 6 papers and 20 exams and you’re in complete denial about it

3. Somehow both of these describe you completely

4. When you find out that you have to take math in college

5. Finals week, midterms week, every week, always.

6. When you have to do ‘icebreakers’ on your first day of class

7. When your roommates fight

8. When you’re just having one of those days

9. Your motto for getting through the school week

10. When you go home for the holidays and people ask you what you’ve learned at school

11. When you are about to take the hardest exam of your life

12. When you get that exam back and do waaayy better than you expected

13. When you get sick and feel like you may die, but it’s okay because your roommates diagnose you

14. When the weekend finally comes

15. And when the night takes a turn for the worse…

16. Taking a nap

17. Boys

18. At a house party

19. When someone asks, “how are you?”

20. When someone asks, “are you crying?”

21. An explanation of a college student’s diet:

22. When you finally get paid

23. When you hear what’s going on at your old high school

24. When online shopping becomes a religion

25. And at the end of the day, never forget to

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