25 Times 'New Girl' Totally Gets College Life
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Student Life

25 Times 'New Girl' Totally Gets College Life

The struggle is so real.

25 Times 'New Girl' Totally Gets College Life

College life is so different than before, when you were living with your parents and exams only accounted for 25 percent of your final grade. Adjusting is quite an interesting, comical journey but you learn multiple lessons in the end. From doing laundry to going out, these are just a few moments that I feel relates to college. Hope you do too!

1. When welcome week has a free BBQ every day

Only here for the free food, sorry not sorry. I appreciate you, student government.

2. Waking up late but managing to get to class on time

It is a true skill having to get ready in five minutes since you overslept again, so thanks college.

3. Heading to your 8 a.m. class

If only Business Calculus fit into my schedule any other time. I would even take it on the weekends if that meant not having to wake up and walk to class when no one is around.

4. Your professor changes the powerpoint slide, but you're not done writing

Why do you do this when you see the majority of the class still looking down and writing? Just why?

5. "Wanna hang out?" "Sorry, I have a lab report due"

Sometimes you just need a break and should avoid responsibility. Anyone buying this?

6. You would rather pile up and re-wear dirty clothes than spend $2

When is free laundry day again? I'll do my loads then.

7. It's Friday night, son

Whole squad is pumped and it's time to have some fun.

8. Going to your first frat party

"So you go here?" They may be handsome, but don't forget you have a brain.

9. When your friends introduce you to someone

You know your friends love you if they continuously try to set you up. But please don't.

10. Leaving a boring party like:

There are better places to spend my night, but enjoy the rest of your night!

11. Trying to figure out what happened the next morning

Everyone convene in the cafeteria 10 a.m. sharp. My phone's cracked, my roommate has a bruise and you have one shoe on.

12. Getting a text from "Frog Tattoo Guy" the next morning, whom you may or may not have done something with

Back to deleting all these random contacts I made last night since I'm never going to see them again.

13. The one day you can do nothing and it is socially OK

After a week of exams and club events, your body and mind need a rest day.

14. Going to class after a month

Who are these people and what language is the professor speaking?

15. Testing out your fake at a bar

My name is Gretchen Davis, and I'm from Wyoming. Want to know what year I was born to sound legit?

16. Getting your paper proofread

Maybe I shouldn't have taken music appreciation.

17. The pep talk you give yourself before a test

Maybe I should have studied more so I wouldn't need this? Next time.

18. Checking your email right before class hoping it's cancelled

But it's a snow day! OK fine, there isn't even a foot of it but still.

19. Roommate's being passive aggressive again, yay!

It's totally unnecessary so cut it out.

20. The question you ask on a daily basis:

Between my random naps and staying at the library till 3am, it does get hard to tell.

21. Running out of meal swipes before the week is over

Guess I'm eating ramen for the 10th time this month. Good thing I have a lot of it.

22. Sitting on your bed for 10 minutes after you wake up, contemplating whether to go to lecture or not

Even though you're dreading your two-hour core humanities class, you pull yourself together and go.

23. When you're doing a group presentation and your group member "forgets" his part

Nothing changes, since you get to do the whole project by yourself and someone else takes credit. Yay.

24. When the professor shows up 15 minutes late to class and holds you after it should end

Flashback to high school when the teachers said, "The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do". Nuh-uh, I have chemistry to get to.

25. Questioning everything

You knew you would have to study, but putting the extra effort in contacting your professors, scheduling appointments, attending study sessions and participating in various student organizations is also necessary to succeed.

If more than half of these has popped into your mind at one point in your college career, you get the struggle.

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