25 Times Meredith Grey Reminded Us That It's Okay
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25 Times Meredith Grey Reminded Us That It's Okay

Yes, Yes Meredith Grey, M.D. (Fictional Character on Grey's Anatomy)

25 Times Meredith Grey Reminded Us That It's Okay

1. When we aren't happy

Whether you are crying because you're laughing or crying because you're miserable, Dr. Grey reminds us that being happy all the time is not the ideal mental health goal. It's 'crap.'

2. When we fall in love with the wrong person

Sometimes we fall in love with that person we know we will never have, or the person we shouldn't want, but we do. All we want is them. Dr. Grey reminds us this is OKAY! Even if we fall in love with the worst person for us, we just simply can not help it. Falling in love with the wrong person is something we can not control.

3. When you do something right that is wrong or something wrong that is right

Dr. Grey explains how there is more to some things being just 'right' or 'wrong.' She reminds us it is okay to not know what to do because these decisions are more complicated than we may think. So being confused about the ethics and/or morals of certain situations is okay.

4. Ladies and some Gents..when you don't always shave your legs

So you go a few days, weeks, or months without shaving? Who cares. Dr. Grey says it doesn't matter. You are the sun anyway..they can suck it!!!

5. When we seek help sometimes

Dr. Grey reminds us that in life, sometimes, we need to seek help and that is more than okay. Everyone needs someone to look out for them from time to time. This is life. This is okay!!!

6. When someone you are close with doesn't open up to you

Dr. Grey tells us that some people just keep things to themselves. Don't get mad that your closest relatives or friends do not open up to you. They trust you, but they just like to keep their feelings to themselves.

7. When you let down your guard

Sometimes in life we stop being tough. We just physically and mentally can not handle certain things. If you aren't tough all the time, Dr. Grey says that it is more than okay to let your guard down. This is life.

8. When we compassion for people who do bad things

Every Grey's Anatomy superfan knows the exact scene, episode, and monologue I am referring to. For those who aren't enthusiasts let me explain: Meredith has to treat a patient who happens to be a serial killer on death row. A week later, he is to be executed in the form of lethal injection. He asks Meredith to go to his execution so he can see a familiar face before he dies. So she does. After having a mental breakdown post his death, she explains to Derek, her muse, that she just wanted show him compassion. There is nothing wrong with this.

9. When you tell people you love them 24/7

Dr. Grey explains that it is very important to tell the people you love just how much you love them, at all times. Because at any moment things can change and it will be too late. Long story short keep saying it!!

10. When people tell you "life's hard" and you do NOT agree with them

Dr. Grey constantly proves to us that although life is hard, it does not make certain things okay. She tells us that life is not supposed to be horrible and hard. If you feel like there is no hope that is okay..just realize you need to find any way possible to get through it because it is not supposed to be this hard.

11. When you lie to yourself..

Dr. Grey teaches us that the truth hurts, and so does reality. So sometimes we lie..to everyone..mainly ourselves. This is okay. It is a part of life. Sometimes it is how we get by. While lying is wrong, at some point it's a human instinct.

12. When you want to be close to somebody

Dr. Grey admits that even if we have it all. We still want more. Wanting more is okay. Especially when it comes to wanting someone to share your life with. Everyone wants to be close to someone. It's human nature.

13. When you think being an adult is overrated

Don't worry. IT IS!!!!! Dr. Grey tells us that being an adult basically sucks. So it is okay if you agree. We all can admit we want to crawl up in our beds and wake up little for just one more moment (**cue Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift)

14. When you care about your job and it may screw someone over

If you do something that may help your job or be the right thing..but it ends up screwing someone over...This is okay according to Dr. Grey. She says that in life we are granted the burden of having to choose and sometimes it sucks..especially as a grown up (**see above)

15. When you think the pain is gone and then it comes back. Again.

Dr. Grey informs us that this is okay. Just when you think the pain is gone and you have gotten past it is when it all starts again. This is okay. And normal.

16. When you fight with your closest friends.

Dr. Grey proves this to be normal and okay. She tells us that sometimes friends fight and need their space. The best way to handle this is to be there for your friend the second they come back. It may take long, but most of the time, they always do.

17. When you ask people why life sucks.. knowing they do not have the answers..or ask anything you know there are no answers for

Dr. Grey shows us that at times we just need answers. It is okay to ask someone knowing they probably do not have any of the answers you are looking for..well umm.. nobody does. Sorry. (**Again see #13)

18. When you or someone you know just wants to be alone

No matter how much someone tries, sometimes you just want to be alone. This is okay according to Dr. Grey. The same goes for a friend or acquaintance who you are trying to help or do whatever with. Sometimes being alone or wanting to be alone is okay. "Thanks, Dr. Grey" - Hermits of the world.

19. When you get drunk.

While I, nor Dr. Grey, endorse being shit faced your entire life... sometimes it's okay to let loose, let your guard down, and have some fun. Just make sure you buy water and Advil for the hangover.

OHHH and it's okay to blame your alcohol of choice for your problems.. once or twice. Well actually. maybe only while you are throwing up. Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks, Mer!!!

20. When we do not learn from our mistakes

Dr. Grey is constantly faced with this and so are we. While we are told over and over again that our mistakes help us learn things to not do in the future, we still fuck up. This is normal and okay. Some lessons are meant to be learned over and over again. And some mistakes are meant to be made over and over again. (**last time I promise!! see #13!!)

21. When you are just exhausted

Let's face it. She is a doctor... of course she is exhausted. But we all get exhausted.. this is a part of life and Dr. Grey says it is okay.

22. When you think can not be amazing without a certain person

Okay, superfans we all know that Derek and Meredith's relationship is the greatest thing we have ever witnessed and is our biggest dream..well not the husband dying part..Anyway, YES YES YES YES YES!!! It is okay to think that you can be amazing, not alone, but with that special someone.

23. When thinking love is surreal.. sometimes

Dr.Meredith Grey, the woman who Dr. Derek Shepherd chose also agrees that love can sometimes be delusional. It's okay readers!!! If you feel this way it's normal.. apparently even those with ideal relationship goals ever feel this way too from time to time.

24. When you begin to realize you have no one but yourself

Dr. Grey mentors us into understanding that sometimes we are alone in situations and we need to just rely on ourselves to be our own hero. This is okay.(**See every episode of Grey's Anatomy ever aired or Khloe Kardashian for more info)

25. When you listen to your best friend over anyone else..even your significant other..

While we all have been in that situation where we were the best friend telling off our best friend because their boyfriend or girlfriend did something we do not agree with.. What happens when the roles reverse? According to Dr. Grey, listening to your best friend and making the decision they agree with is fine. I mean think about it, your best friend knows you better than anyone else.

In the end I think we all owe our favorite doctor a thank you!!! She has taught us about life, the ideal love, and one of the greatest friendships ever. Thank you, Mer!! And yes, you are definitely the sun!!

who loves to sing about her body parts...

and admit she low key hates the human race. But we all do sometimes. no?

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