Girls get a bad rep. for taking abnormally long showers. Aside from the fact that we just have more to do -- hello, shaving your legs takes time -- girls use showers as a place of rest, relaxation and asking ourselves life's hardest questions. Our greatest thoughts and ideas come from our internal shower monologues. Our most clever tweets, our pun-niest Instagram captions—they were all probably thought of while we stood under the hot water and stared at the wall.

Here are 25 thoughts almost every girl has had while in the shower.

  1. Should I wash my hair? Eh ... nah.
  2. And no, I'm not just being lazy. It's just that that'd be a waste of the dry shampoo I bought.
  3. Wow, I sound this good when I sing? How do I not have a record deal already? Look out Beyoncé, there's new talent in town.
  4. Ugh, do I have to shave? Wait, leggings exist, duh.
  5. Doesn't this speck on the wall kind of look like Channing Tatum? Is this a sign that we're soul mates? Yeah, probably.
  6. Ew, how do I lose this much hair in the shower? How am I not bald already?
  7. If I were famous, would Taylor Swift and I be friends? Hmm ... probably not.
  8. I bet she'd write a song about me. I am so mad that she would hypothetically do that.
  9. Speaking of being famous, what would I say in my speech when I won an Oscar?
  10. Probably something like, "Oh, this is such a surprise! I'd like to thank my parents, the little people and my husband, Harry Styles."
  11. How come I always run out of conditioner way before I run out of shampoo? Is this a company conspiracy to force me to buy more conditioner? It's working.
  12. What did girls do before soap was invented? Just like, walk around not smelling like cucumber melon? Ew.
  13. What's the purpose of the universe? Why are we here? Isn't it freaky how we're just a speck of dust floating around in the endless abyss and ... wait, did I already rinse the conditioner out?
  14. God, I hate shaving the back of my thighs. Like, hello, I'm not a contortionist here. Who needs yoga when I can just do the "Shaving Legs" pose and be just as flexible?
  15. What did it mean when that boy liked my Instagram photo? Was it more of a "Hey, nice filter!" like? Or a "heart eyes emoji" like? Or, oh God, a pity like???
  16. Ugh, why is my makeup so hard to get off? I mean, I know it's waterproof, but God, you gotta draw the line somewhere, Maybelline. "Maybe she's born with it...or maybe it's just stuck on her face forever."
  17. Oh my God, I just thought of the funniest tweet. It'll probably get, like, at least five retweets.
  18. Don't I have homework I'm supposed to be doing right now? Eh, whatever.
  19. I wish hair would just stop growing from like...the eyebrows down. Can we invent something for that?
  20. Wait, what did the first person in the world think the first time he fell asleep? Like, "Oh crap, I'm dying! Wait, never mind! False alarm."
  21. I should probably start jogging.
  22. Haha, I'm not gonna start jogging.
  23. Note to self: Next time I'm at the grocery store, I should get eggs. And bread. And milk. You know what? I'll just make a list.
  24. Which Kardashian am I most like? Probably, like, Khloé, right?
  25. Have I been in here too long? ... Nah.