25 Things I've Been Yelled At For While Working Customer Service
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Student Life

25 Things I've Been Yelled At For While Working Customer Service

Each day is a blessing to deal with tons of problems that are completely out of your control.

25 Things I've Been Yelled At For While Working Customer Service
Political Strife

Working customer service teaches you that no matter the problem, you can be dragged into the fun of it, too!

Alright, some of you will think that I shouldn't complain. After all, I get paid a decent wage for various jobs that require a minimal education. Then again, if you haven't ever had to personally deal with the award winning, overly-aggressive customers or a boss on a bad day, then your opinion is pretty much irrelevant.

If you've ever been on the back side of the counter, this one goes out to you. For those times that it doesn't seem so bright, just know.. You're not alone. Pour a glass and give a cheer, to a day in the life of a customer service worker.

Things I've been scolded for while at work:

1. Not having enough _____.

I get paid minimum wage and don't have a say when my break is. I'll definitely let you know when my opinion matters in what stock we have though!

2. Having too many size ___ but no size __.

"I can't believe you have more size 4 than 8. Do you THINK everyone can be as skinny as they want"?!?!? Again, see above.

3. Not letting a girl down the waterslide.

My manager had to save the day after I tried apologizing for a woman's child being short and was yelled at for 10 minutes while all the other families watched. And no of course I didn't cry.. for that long.

4. Not cashiering when I'm on my break.

I go up to grab a snack in the middle of a 10 hour shift, and feel myself being mentally shot by dozens of eyes. Sorry, next time i'll faint instead.

5. The hours of operation.

Alright let me call the owner of this multi-million dollar franchise and demand we stay open until 8:30pm instead of 8:00pm. How ridiculous.

6. Cologne not smelling good.

I'm sorry you didn't like the $34 bottle of Polo you bought, Timmy. Better luck next time.

7. Having a tip jar.

"Don't you already get paid enough? It doesn't take much effort to make a sandwich." Oh?? Do everyone a favor, stay at home and make your own.

8. Not serving alcohol.

1. It's a coffee shop. 2. It's 10 in the morning. I relate, though.

9. A bagel having too many calories.

Again, I feel terrible.

10. The line being too long.

If you have time to go out, you have to make time to wait in line. It sucks, but there's only so many of us and way too many of you.

11. Using plastic bags.

I hear ya, but again, ~management~.

12. Asking if someone wants a bag.

You need a bag for your box? And you're going to yell at me for simply asking if you want one?

13. The layout of the store.

As I have my hands full with all of the stuff you and your fellow shoppers tried on and ditched on the floor, I don't have much time to hear why you don't like that the shoes are before the purses.

14. Someone's kid acting out.

"I can't believe someone would keep their child in the store while they're screaming. Are you just going to ignore it? My ears are bleeding!" I don't know what I love more, the crying or you getting mad at me about it!

15. The font of my name tag.

Yeah, I really didn't know what to say about this one either.

16. Not having a wave pool.

It's called a splash pad. Advertised as a place with water slides, and things that spray water. Definitely on me you can't read.

17. An expired Groupon.

I'll have a stern talking-to to the Groupon CEO and express your frustration.

18. Asking if you want a store credit card.

Okay if there's anything I want to get across, it's that there's a 100% chance we hate asking you more than you hate hearing it. I don't have a care in the world whether you want a damn card, but I like having a job so here we are.

19. Not knowing whether something is specifically dry clean only.

"Well ma'am, it says 'dry clean' on the tag."

"I'm not blind I see that. But it doesn't say dry clean ONLY. Can you get me someone more helpful?"

20. A service dog sniffing someone's shoe.

Sorry, I don't associate with dog haters, you bitch.

21. A coworkers attitude.

Don't get me wrong, if a worker has an attitude it really is unacceptable. However, you are yelling at a 19 year old who has no power what-so-ever. Next time, save some oxygen and hit up #management.

22. Not returning something used.

Sorry, Jessica. I don't think anyone will want to purchase pants your baby threw up on and stained.

23. The ingredients in a concession stand hot dog.

*Mid bitch fest I get hit in the eye with a flying piece of meat*. Double the fun!

24. That I'm not related to my boss.

Yep, a woman went off at me because I tried assuring her I really wasn't the wife of my 70 year old manager. Do you want to buy this bagel or nah?

25. The weather.

This one I understand. I forgot to sh*t out a rainbow this morning before heading into work.

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