25 Things I Would Rather Do Than Be a Penn State Student (Pitt Edition)

With Pitt's historic win over Penn State this past weekend, you can only imagine how awful it must be to be a PSU student right now. That being said, here are 25 things I would rather do than be a Penn State student:

1. Be forced to eat all of my meals at Market

2. Jump off the top of Cathy

3. Get stuck in-between Qdoba and Breugger’s and have the entire school know it was me

4. Have all of my classes on the highest floors of Cathy

5. Work at Sorrento’s between the hours of 12-3 A.M. every weekend

6. Get completely lost in Schenley Park at night

7. Miss the last 10A to upper campus after a long night out

8. Fall down all of the Chevron stairs

9. Get dropped when being floated/lifted at a football game

10. Never be able to connect to Wireless PittNet

11. Get banned from Razzy Fresh

12. Get married at the O instead of Heinz Chapel

13. Name my first-born child “Roc”

14. Get hit by a driverless Uber

15. Eat a burrito at Chipotle on a first date with my crush

16. Ask Migos to proofread my English essay

17. Get stuck in an elevator in Cathy with Kanye

18. Live in a hotel downtown and commute to school everyday

19. Never be able to find a study spot on campus during finals week

20. Eat all of my food off the floor of a frat house

21. Be a security guard in Towers on Friday and Saturday nights

22. Bathe in Frick fountain

23. Lose my Pitt ID

24. Photocopy every page of the Student Code of Conduct

25. Get soaked by a passing city bus on a rainy day on my way to class

You know you're totally #blessed to be able to call Pitt your home. Instead of staring at Old Main all day, you get to look at Cathy. Instead of calling yourself a Nittany Lion, you have the privilege of calling yourself a Panther. Count your lucky stars, because it's a great day to be a Pitt Panther. H2P!

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