So, there's no more studying, no more finals, no more STRESS- and you may find yourself completely bored! Here are ten things to do to keep yourself preoccupied while you wait for school to start back up.

1. Get a summer job.

2. Binge watch Netflix shows.

3. Start a reading challenge.

4. Take summer classes at your local college.

5. Take summer classes online..

6. Go out for a walk/drive in your city.

7. Go on a road trip with friends.

8. Go to a concert.

9. Go to the beach.

10. Start a workout routine.

11. Get an internship.

12. Go for a jog every day.

13. Try the top 20 restaurants in your area.

14. Pick up yoga.

15. Volunteer at a shelter.

16. Start a new diet.

17. Create a small garden.

18. Dog sit.

19. Babysit.

20. Volunteer at a retirement home.

21. Learn to surf.

22. Redecorate your room.

23. Make your own smoothies/milkshakes.

24. Learn new recipes.

25. Go tanning!