things you should cry over before you shed tears over a boy
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25 Things You Should Cry Over Before You Shed Tears Over A Boy

Please shed some tears for these things first.

25 Things You Should Cry Over Before You Shed Tears Over A Boy
Photo by Asdrubal luna on Unsplash

Guys can be such headaches. Sometimes, you just want to scream and cry from frustration. But, let me tell you, your tears should be shed over other things before you cry over a boy.

Here are 25 things you should cry over before you shed tears over a boy:

1. Starbucks running out of your favorite drink


2. Going on Netflix to find that your go-to movie or show has been removed


3. Changing the radio station to hear your favorite song… just as it’s finishing


4. Dragging yourself to an early class just to find that the professor is absent


5. Your nail polish chipping after getting your nails done

6. When your makeup is perfect but you mess up your eyeliner or mascara so you have to re-do it


7. Forgetting your headphones at home during a day you really need them


8. Discovering pictures you don’t remember being in from a night when you had way too much fun


9. Losing or forgetting your keys and getting locked out of your room or house


10. Flipping over a test to find questions that weren’t on the study guide

11. When it rains after you get your hair done


12. Your cell phone battery dying while out in the city


13. When you have to create a new password, and find that your new password can’t be your old one


14. Staining brand-new clothes


15. Dropping your phone and picking it up to discover that the screen has shattered

16. Cutting yourself while shaving


17. Realizing the hairdresser cut your hair way shorter than you wanted it


18. Having to embarrassingly look at your awful ID photo every time you scan into your building


19. Hearing a spoiler from a movie or show you haven’t seen yet


20. Banging your toe against something

21. Being trapped in a room with a spider or another type of scary creature


22. Texting the wrong person a really personal inside joke


23. Losing your Snapchat streak with your best friend


24. Not being able to stop scratching a mosquito bite


25. Finding sun burns and ugly tan lines after a long day outside

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