25 Songs That Take Me Back To Middle School
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25 Songs That Take Me Back To Middle School

Halsey, Fall Out Boy, and Maroon 5 headline my middle school playlist.

25 Songs That Take Me Back To Middle School

Preparing for college is an exciting time full of anticipation for what comes when one finally leaves home for the first time. But it is also a time where one can look back and try to relive past years.

I recently pulled out my middle school playlist and found 25 of my favorite and most memorable songs from my middle school years (2014-16), and here they are.

"One Last Time" by Ariana Grande

To me, this is still the best song Grande has ever performed.

"Fancy" by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX 

One of the Australia rapper's two number one hits, Fancy (released in 2014) is still Iggy Azalea's most popular song.

"New Americana" by Halsey

"Ghost" (also on this list) may have been the lead single on Halsey's debut album Badlands, but "New Americana" is my favorite song from the record released in 2015.

"The Kids Aren't Alright" by Fall Out Boy

Other hit singles from the album American Beauty/American Psycho overshadow this song, but if you are a fan of Fall Out Boy's more recent sound and style, this is the song for you

"Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding

The charts indicate "Love Me Like You Do" is Goulding's fifth-most popular song, but the lead song from the Fifty Shades of Grey Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the British singer's only certified Platinum record.

"Ghost" by Halsey

Halsey's first hit single trusted the New Jersey-native into the public spotlight.

"Victorious" by Panic! at the Disco

"Tonight we are victorious!" This was the first P!ATD song I ever heard.

"Leaving California" by Maroon 5

If you've never heard "Leaving California," the sixth track on the rock band's 2015 album V, I suggest you give it a listen.

"Ignorance" by Paramore

If you're ignorant of this song, no worries. The song was released in 2009 and peaked at number 67 in Billboard Hot 100that same year. I didn't hear of it until 2014.

"See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Which was better, this hit single or the movie it was featured in (Furious 7)? "See You Again" was the vocal introduction of producer-turned-singer Charlie Puth.

"This Is How We Roll" by Florida Georgia Line ft. Luke Bryan 

Quite frankly, "This Is How We Roll" was probably the only country song I listened to in middle school, making this FGL hit a memorable one.

"Uma Thurman" by Fall Out Boy

Peaking at number seven on the Billboard charts in 2015, "Uma Thurman," the second hit from the record American Beauty/American Psycho, is Fall Out Boy's third-highest peaking song and the band's eighth-most popular single in its near two-decade existence.

"Payphone" by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa 

According to ABC News, we won't be using payphones to call home for much longer.

"How Can It Be" by Lauren Daigle

Arguably the most successful contemporary Christian artists (and artists in general) of the last decade, Daigle's debut single peaked at number five in 2015. The Louisiana-native has since seen two singles hit the top spot on the Hot 100.

"Wildest Dreams" by Taylor Swift

Is it possible that "Wildest Dreams" is Swift's most underrated song? Forget "Shake It Off," "Blank Space," and "Style," this one was my favorite track from 1989.

"Never Forget You" by Zara Larsson ft. MNEK 

People forget that this song peaked at the top of the Hot 100in April 2016 and is easily the Swedish pop sensation's biggest hit.

"Fight Song" by Rachel Platten

I think there was a point in the summer of 2015 when I heard Platten's first hit three times in a span of fifteen minutes while scrolling through radio stations. We pretty much got burned out of this one after it appeared on the Hot 100thirty-one weeks in a row, peaking at number six.

"Photograph" by Ed Sheeran

"Photograph" failed to reach the heights of Sheeran's previous hit, "Thinking Out Loud," but it was still good enough to crack the top ten on the charts and circulate radio waves for the better part of a year.

"Love Runs Out" by OneRepublic

I was actually surprised to see the success of this song (peaked at fifteen in 2014) having never heard it on the radio. "Love Runs Out" was one of the headliners for perhaps the band's best album yet, Native, which also dropped in 2014.

"Centuries" by Fall Out Boy

Even before headlining American Beauty/American Psycho, "Centuries" was already making Fall Out Boy relevant again. It peaked at number ten nearly a month after the release of the band's sixth studio album.

"Leave A Trace" by CHVRCHES

Don't worry if you've never heard this song as CHVRCHES has failed to really capture an American audience. However, this is quite a gateway to becoming a fan of this Swedish synth-pop band.

"Jumpman" by Drake ft. Future

One of Drake's most overrated songs enjoyed a nice run of relevance (thirty-two weeks on the charts) before it finally (thankfully) died out.

"Locked Away" by R. City ft. Adam Levine

Yes, R. City was nothing more than a one-hit wonder from 2015, but "if I got locked away" was an anthem from that year.

"Stay the Night" by Zedd ft. Hayley Williams

Zedd followed up the success of "Clarity" with the hit single "Stay the Night" featuring the vocals of Paramore's Haylee WIlliams. Both singles headlined the record "True Colors," which was released two months following the peak of "Stay the Night."

"Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars 

It's safe to say that Mark Ronson hasn't close to regaining his popularity from 2015 when his collaboration with Bruno Mars made "Uptown Funk" one of only ten songs at the time to lead the charts for thirteen consecutive weeks.

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