25 Signs You're From Long Island
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25 Signs You're From Long Island

Whether you're 631 or 516, there's a lot we can all agree on.

25 Signs You're From Long Island
Long Island Post Card

Ah, New York is hands down the best state! But what makes it the best is its many attractions, The Appalachian mountains, New York City, and of course LONG ISLAND! We are a special breed of people; you're either with us or without us! Here are 25 Signs you're from Long Island.

1. You live ON Long Island, not IN Long Island.

2. You know AT LEAST one person with a boat.

3. A bagel and iced tea for breakfast every day is perfectly acceptable.

4. Billy Joel is practically your hero, you know all his songs, you're either a "rich girl from the north shore or a cool girl from the south shore," and you've probably seen him out in Oyster Bay.

5. You can fluently pronounce any tricky, impossible Native American names (Cutchogue, Speonk, Ronkonkoma, Quogue, Shinnecock, Moriches, Sagaponack, Patchogue, etc.).

6. Everyone is either Irish, Italian or Jewish, or all three.

7. You know at least one person who does body building competitions or has a STRONG ISLAND tattoo.

8.You're a local at the beaches, public and private!

9. You've seen more people who look like Long Island Medium than the actual woman herself.

10. You've been to all the haunted attractions (Pilgram State Asylum, Amityville Horror House, Lake Ronkonkoma).

11. Manhattan is just... The City.

12. Everything above the Bronx is UPSTATE.

13. Theres a 711, two diners, three nail salons, four barber shops, and five pizzerias in EVERY town.

14. Yeah, you've been to the Hamptons so what? And if you live east of Mastic you're "from the Hamptons."

15. Everyone tells you that you have an accent but, what? "I only said on Sundays I have cawfee for breakfast and gravy and meat bawls for dinna!"

16. Concerts at Jones Beach are the best.

17. You've probably gone pool hopping.

18. You refer to SUNY schools like everyone from out of state knows what you're talking about.

19. You probably went to the Boardy Barn the summer you turned 21.

20. South shore people know "Going to the beach" ALWAYS means the ocean! Never trick us to going to a stinky bay!

21. You've been clamming once or twice.

22. Your blood is composed of iced coffee.

23. you've been out to the wineries, picked up pies from Briermeres Farm and gone shopping at the Riverhead outlets, and if you're from out east it's WAY old news.

24. You rep your county till you die! Suffolk and Nassau are two VERY different places ( 631 FOR LIFE!).

25. Everyone agrees, JERSEY SUCKS!

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