25 Signs Decatur, Illinois Is Your Hometown

25 Signs Decatur, Illinois Is Your Hometown

You want to drive the chicken car so badly.

1. Whenever you go out of town or to college, everybody assumes you're from Chicago just becasue you say you're from Illinois.

2. You have to pick a side between Mi Pueblito (fondly known as Mi Pueb) or Guadalajara...or you might go rogue and say El Corral is your favorite.

3. You know all about the smell of Staley's (which is actually called Tate&Lyle, it's just that your parents called it Staley's when you were growing up).

4. And you also know how fun it is to speed across the viaduct...even though there's probably a cop at the bottom....

5. If you went to Eisenhower (The E) or MacArthur (Mac), you know that Staley Day, now known as Bragging Rights, is the most important game of the season.

6. You know the best ice cream is at Krekel's.

7. You, or someone you know, were totally obsessed with Icon For Hire.

8. You had parts of the train schedule memorized just from getting stuck one too many times.

9. The Celebration is the place to be come August.

10. You never quite understood the mural at the top of the library stairs. Apparently the books are supposed to look like moving wings as you ascend?

11. You brag to people from other places about that time Matt Damon came to town.

12. Nothing is scarier than Greenwood Cemetery. People see a lady on these stairs...a dead lady....

13. And you're a little freaked out that someone actually had the guts to move into Powers Mansion. Come on dude, haven't you heard of the Haunted Decatur books?

14. Your love for the Children's Museum only grows as the years go on.

15. Steak and Shake was your favorite place to go after high school football games.

16. Nothing is worse for your allergies than the corn harvest.

17. The Y103 jingle will forever be stuck in your head.

18. You were always excited to see what the bikini tree would be wearing for the summer.

19. You know that this is a cheese toasty, not a grilled cheese.

20. You want to drive the Chicken car more than you want to drive any other car.

21. You know that Lincoln Square got its name because Honest Abe gave his first speech there.

22. You're always super excited when Del's has Elam's Root-beer.

23. You also have to pick a side between Del Carmen's and Monical's. (Del Carmen's has my heart, although I do enjoy Monical's from time to time.

24. You've been to a birthday party with Sally the Clown.

25. Decatur will always be home.

Cover Image Credit: Nessler Law

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5. Superheroes

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6. Police

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8. aliens?

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Cover Image Credit: Abbey Coleman / Pinterest

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18 Types Of Mini-Golfers You Come Across On An 18-Hole Course

Which type of mini-golfer are YOU?


Mini-golf: A fun activity that has been around since 1916. We have all played mini-golf before and have probably played a variety of courses over the year. The one thing you might not always realize is the players around you. Next time you go mini-golfing take a look at those playing around you and see if you can find these 18 types of players. Even see which of these mini-golfers you fit!

The professional golfer.

This is the golfer who always has to look at the hole, line up his shot every time, and takes the rules seriously such as adding a stroke when the ball goes out of bounds. I mean it's mini-golf, you don't need to line up ALL your shots.

The driver.

This is the golfer who drives the ball as if he was on an actual golf course. It's one thing if you have a power swing, but this person typically drives the ball purposefully.

The obnoxious one.

This is the golfer who is just wild and all over the place. They make such a big deal out of every play, might make irrelevant comments, etc. It's just unnecessary.

The cheerleader.

This is the person who is constantly cheering others on. Even if it's a bad play they'll say "awe, it's o.k! You still got this!"

The family with the annoying kids.

This is the family where the parents don't know how to control their kids. This is where the kids will go to the next hole before their parents, destroy some of the property, or even interfere with other people golfing.

The family that tries to act like a family.

This is the family that you can clearly see is just acting like a family. It could be as simple as a family that seems tense and is just playing together to a family where the dad and kids are playing while the mom just walks around with them filing her nails.

The group of 8+.

This is the group that holds EVERYONE up. They don't care if there are 8+ balls on one hole at a time. If you are this group, please let people behind you go ahead.

The inseparable couple.

This is the couple that is all over each other. They're constantly kissing if they aren't playing or they are taking pictures of each other.

The teenage girls.

These are the girls acting all innocent and taking selfies while playing while their parents sit near the entrance for them. It's the only thing they can do without parent supervision.

The oldie.

This is literally a grandma or grandpa who is naturally just slow. They are so adorable, but it'll take a good 2 hours to play a full 18 holes with them because of how slow they move.

The smokers.

These are the people smoking cigs or cigars while playing. Let's just hope they aren't smoking around kids and put their butts in the little buckets at each hole.

The slow pokes.

These are the golfers that just take forever. If you are a slow poke please be considerate of those behind you and let them go ahead of you.

The competitive one.

This is the one who is constantly up in your face about how they're going to win. They are the ones who can't just enjoy a game of mini-golf.

The out of bounder.

This is the golfer who constantly hits the ball out of bounds. At that rate you don't even give them a penalty stroke because they'd be up to 10+ on one hole.

The goofball.

This is the person who just acts silly. They could be the ones using a child's size putter or balancing on different rocks or stumps on the course.

The clueless one.

This is the one who never realizes what hole their on, when it's their turn, or what they are even doing.

The scorekeeper.

This is the golfer who takes keeping score seriously. Or this could just be the person who naturally always keeps score when you go mini-golfing.

The normal couple (or group).

These are the people we all love. It's the people who like some friendly competition, but don't goof around. They move from hole to hole at a good pace and keep to themselves. They also are cognizant of those around them. These are the mini-golfers we all love and should strive to be.

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