There's no denying that we're all aware of how impeccable dogs are. It's difficult to pin point one reason why dogs are truly better than people, I believe a topic such as this one deserves a list. A compilation of every reason a dog is better than a human. I often ask myself what we've done to deserve dogs, and I still can't figure it out. We really should take some tips from these loving creatures because we should all start to live like dogs. We are truly blessed to have animals like dogs in our lives, and I think we fail to appreciate everything that they do for us. Therefore, this list is merely serving as a reminder that we should look up to our dogs.

1. They make better listeners than any friend or family member ever could.

2. They're loyal. You never have to question a dogs loyalty to its family.

3. They're always down for cuddling. No matter what the situation may be.

4. They will never judge you.

5. They don't make plans and "forget" to invite you.

6. They react better to your emotions than people ever would.

7. They're always happy to see you, and even if you're not happy to see you, you're the highlight of their day.

8. They appreciate little things, like that piece of steak you just secretly handed him under the table.

9. They're always up for a car ride and an adventure, even if it's just to the bank because they give him a treat.

10. They help you clean up even the grossest of messes.

11. They are very smart and learn very quickly, at least most of the time.

12. Studies have shown that dogs decrease your blood pressure, unlike people.

13. You never have to worry about hating the dog at the end of the movie because they're never the villains.

14. They can detect illnesses such as cancer before a machine can.

15. They're very hard workers and never leave a job unfinished.

16. They show unconditional love.

17. Their ultimate goal in life is to make you happy, even when the guy you really liked told you the same thing but lied.

18. They sense the bad people in your life before you do.

19. They help you make friends, especially other dog friends.

20. We can't deny that we're way more emotional when the dog dies in the movie then when the human dies.

21. They are totally OK with dedicating their life to be a service dog because they still receive food and love in exchange for guiding their trusty owner around.

22. Dogs don't care what you look like, how you smell, how you dress or if you wear makeup. They still love you more than anything in the whole world.

23. They're the most selfless creatures on the planet.

24. They will never abandon you.

25. They're way cuter than humans.