25 Questions Everyone Asks Their Roommates

25 Questions Everyone Asks Their Roommates

You know you've got some amazing roommates if you can ask these questions.


1. Do I smell weird?

2. Does it look like I haven't showered in four days?

3. Would you still be my friend if I had a toe in the middle of my forehead?

4. What if I only spoke in a ridiculously high voice all the time?

5. Can I borrow some toilet paper?

6. Is this yours? Can I eat it?

7. Do you have an extra tampon?

8. What do you think he meant by this text? Wait, I have screenshots.

9. Is he obsessed with me? Should I call the police?

10. How much trouble do you think I would get in if I stole that dog?

11. Are you doing laundry right now?

12. Does this shirt show too much sideboob?

13. Are my hands too sweaty right now?

14. Do these pants make my butt look good? How good?


16. When are you going to go to dinner? Can I come with you?

17. Do you want to go out for lunch?

18. Do you know what's making the fridge smell so bad?

19. Should we get five or six dogs next year?

20. How do you help a constipated beta fish?

21. Do you think I would survive if I dropped out of college?

22. How many classes do you think I can skip and still pass this class?

23. Do you think anyone would notice if we kept a cat in our apartment even though it's not allowed?

24. Do you think they'll get mad if I don't go?

25. What would I do without you?

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