There are countless reasons why Netflix is the greatest thing to come out of the 21st century. The instant gratification of online streaming and the wide selection of incredible shows and movies are only a few. But in case you need some more convincing, here are 25 reasons why Netflix deserves your $7.99 a month.

1. Penn Badgley: Dan Humphrey, "Gossip Girl"

2. Matt Bomer: Neal Caffrey, "White Collar"

3. Jesse Williams: Dr. Jackson Avery, "Grey's Anatomy"

4. Austin Butler: Sebastian Kydd, "The Carrie Diaries"

5. Zac Efron: Jack Jansen, "The Paperboy"

6. Liam Hemsworth: Mickey Wright, "Love and Honor"

7. Chad Michael Murray: Lucas Scott, "One Tree Hill"

8. Justin Baldoni: Rafael Solano, "Jane the Virgin"

9. Steven R. McQueen: Jeremy Gilbert, "The Vampire Diaries"

10. Josh Duhamel: Milt Chamberlain, "Battle Creek"

11. Patrick Dempsey: Dr. Derek Shepherd, "Grey's Anatomy"

12. Jon Hamm: Don Draper, "Mad Men"

13. James Lafferty: Nathan Scott, "One Tree Hill"

14. Drew Van Acker: Jason DiLaurentis, "Pretty Little Liars"

15. Billy Brown: Nate Lahey, "How to Get Away with Murder"

16. Bradley Cooper: Pat Solitano, "Silver Linings Playbook"

17. Ian Harding: Ezra Fitz, "Pretty Little Liars"

18. Michael B. Jordan: Vince Howard, "Friday Night Lights"

19. Jack Falahee: Connor Walsh, "How to Get Away With Murder"

20. Daniel Sharman: Kaleb Westphall/Kol Mikaelson, "The Originals"

21. Taylor Kitsch: Tim Riggins, "Friday Night Lights"

22. Scott Foley: Jake Ballard, "Scandal"

23. Paul Wesley: Stefan Salvatore, "The Vampire Diaries"

24. Chace Crawford: Nate Archibald, "Gossip Girl"

25. Eric Dane: Dr. Mark Sloan, "Grey's Anatomy"