25 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List
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25 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Family, friend, or coworker- we've got you covered.

25 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Maybe you thought you would've found the perfect gift by now. Maybe you've had to wait for that last paycheck to come in the mail. No matter what your reason may be, there's still plenty of time to get someone a great gift. Think about who you're giving a gift to and figure out what they want, need, or love. Don't worry, you'll be sure to find them an amazing gift just in time for Christmas!

The Electronic For Anyone


At just $24.99 with free Prime shipping, the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) is a compact smart speaker. Available in charcoal, heather grey, plum, or sandstone, the speaker connects to 'Alexa', your personal listener. With voice activation, Alexa will tell you the news, answer questions, play music, and so much more. The Echo Dot is an electronic easy enough for anyone to operate, even kids or grandparents.

The Video Gamer

Best Buy

The Nintendo Switch is the modern gaming system for all video game lovers. At $299.99, the electronic gaming console is compatible with the best-selling, new games. If someone on your list was a fan of the classic version of Nintendo, they'll be sure to love the newest version. In case the Nintendo Switch is out of your price range, be sure to check Best Buy's best-selling games list for Xbox One and PS4 players.

The Destructive Dog


Not every dog can be given a stuffed animal and expected to just cuddle with it. More often than not, I've witnessed dogs tear apart a stuffed animal toy and rip all of the stuffing out. Sometimes these dogs just love to get to the squeaker hidden inside or sometimes they're just using the toy how they please. If you've got a dog who can't help but rip apart every toy as soon as they get it, you need a pack of indestructible dog toys. With 11 toys for $27.99 on Amazon, your dog will spend a lot more time trying to eat these apart and less time trying to attack your slippers, socks, sofa cushions, or anything else that may tempt them.

The Playful Cat


A 24-pack of cat toys will surely keep any kitten or cat preoccupied for hours. With feather toys, 2-way tunnels, fluffy mice, and more, this pack of toys is available on Amazon for $11.95. You can interact with your pet or let them entertain themselves, this toy bundle gives you both options. If you've got a cat who needs to be kept busy so they don't scratch at your leather chair or swat every item off your dresser, this toy pack will surely do the trick.

The Proud Feminist


In today's day and age, women can be inspiring, influential, and powerful individuals. Being a feminist doesn't mean being a woman in search of power, it simply means being any individual who believes women should be treated equally to men. If you've got someone on your list who's a proud feminist, perhaps a bracelet with some inspiring, feminist-centered words would be the perfect gift. The adjustable bracelet from Amazon I'm quite fond of says, "well-behaved women seldom make history", and is available in silver ($15.99), gold ($16.99), and rose gold ($10.38). Amazon has plenty of similar feminist bracelets with different messages to choose from so you can be sure you'll find just the right one. A simple and adorable bracelet that can easily be added to any outfit could be the perfect accessory for any feminist.

The Eco-Friendly One


As concern for climate change increases, any small effort to help the environment can benefit the earth. If anyone on your list is eco-friendly and concerned for the well-being of our environment, then a Hydro Flask water bottle is the perfect gift for them. The insulated water bottle is available on Amazon for $44.95-$79.00, depending on size and color. The Hydro Flask is available in 32 oz or 40 oz and in colors of Black, Frost, Graphite, Olive, Pacific, Watermelon, and White. Instead of using plastic water bottles, the eco-friendly person on your list can rely on the Hydro Flask to reduce plastic waste while keeping their water ice-cold.

The Music Addict

Best Buy

Whether you're sitting at home, walking from class to class, or working out at the gym, Apple's AirPods are the perfect set of wireless earbuds to listen to music. You can travel anywhere with them and won't need a power outlet since the charging case easily recharges them. Now you won't have to worry about your headphone wires getting tangled up in your pocket or catching onto anything you walk past. If someone on your list is always listening to their music, this could be the perfect gift for them. In case the Apple AirPods are out of your price range, JBL earbuds are available on Best Buy for $49.99 and the JBL products in the past have proven to be of great sound quality.

The Makeup Lover


If someone on your list is dabbling in the makeup world or is an aspiring YouTube makeup guru, this makeup mirror will be the ideal gift. At $39.05 on Amazon, the tri-fold, two-sided mirror gives off white light for the perfect makeup session. With four different lighting options: day, office, evening, and home, this mirror adjusts to the location and time of day you'll need to apply makeup. This gift will surely come in handy for any makeup enthusiast looking to enhance their makeup application process.

The Party Host

Best Buy

For anyone who loves to gather friends over at their home and play some great music to dance to or simply use as background noise, a great speaker will do them justice. JBL is well-known for its great sound quality and reasonable prices. Best Buy has a JBL wireless speaker with Google Assistant available for $124.99 and allows you to enable voice control to easily adjust the music level. For anyone on your list who loves throwing parties or just hosting their home as the go-to get together location, a great speaker can quickly enhance the quality of any evening.

The Casual Drinker


Maybe someone on your list likes a glass of wine or a cold beer at the end of every workday. What better gift than to get their favorite drink for them? It'll show you pay attention to the things they love and it'll save them the money and time it would take to go out and buy it themself. In case you don't have an idea of what type of wine they may like, you can give them a set of wine. In the Italian wine gift set ($39.99) from Wine.com, you get two red wines and one white in the bundle. I can personally vouch for the Santa Christina: Pinot Grigio as being quite delicious. If you're looking for a little something not as expensive as a fine bottle of wine, perhaps a bundle of nips would be a great idea. In case you want to make it a monthly thing they can look forward to, you could give them 12 nips, one for each month of the year, which will last them until next Christmas.

The One In Need Of A Pick-Me-Up


A day-to-day calendar is a great gift for anyone who needs a small daily reminder to be their best self and not let life's little setbacks get in the way. Maybe someone on your list is starting a new stage in their life or beginning a career change. Whatever the reason may be, anyone who needs a small pick-me-up can get one every day of the year with the daily inspirational calendar 'Unfu*k Yourself' available for $14.39 on Amazon. Give them the gift of motivation and self-confidence on a day-to-day basis.

The Christmas Enthusiast


Some people can't contain their excitement for Christmas and start playing Christmas music even before Halloween. If this sounds like someone on your list, maybe they need a gift that will allow them to cherish the holiday for years to come. A great way to remember Christmas this year is with a 2019 Christmas ornament. Amazon has an adorable silver bell ornament with the year written on it. Maybe some people are so in love with the holiday they would love a gift that symbolizes the holiday entirely.

The 'Live In The Moment' One

Google Play

When thinking of gifts, I often first consider if the person would prefer an item or an experience. If someone on your list is the type of individual who prefers an experience to remember over an object to open up and play with, maybe a concert or football game ticket is the ideal gift. SeatGeek is a website that you've probably heard YouTubers or celebrities advertise for because it allows you to buy tickets from one search engine site, meaning you're guaranteed to find the best seat for the lowest price. If someone you're getting a gift for prefers to enjoy the moment than enjoy an item, this is the perfect gift for them.

The Traveler


Whether it's for work or pleasure, some people have a love for traveling. Before the person on your list leaves for their next amazing destination, be sure they're as prepared as possible for the journey. The durable travel backpack from Amazon is available for $31.99 and is 15.6 inches, meaning it qualifies as a carry-on bag for the plane. This water-resistant backpack has a hidden compartment to keep money or other valuables safe, a horizontal strap to attach it onto your luggage handle, and a built-in USB charger on the side so you can keep your portable charger safely placed inside while recharging your phone in your hand. I can personally vouch for this backpack as being extremely helpful when traveling, as I used it for my study abroad semester while going from one country to the next with only this backpack to hold all my belongings. In case you're looking for something a little smaller for your traveler's gift, consider Amazon's travel kneck wallet ($16.85) or universal travel adapter ($19.99).

The Toddler


Growing up, everyone used Crayola crayons at home, in school, and even in the restaurants that were kind enough to provide some. What better gift for a toddler than the classic gift of coloring with crayons? Amazon has a 2-pack of 64-count washable crayons for $15.35. The best part: each box has a built-in sharpener. Back in my day, you were the coolest kid on the playground if you had the Crayola crayons box with the sharpener. If you've got a little toddler on your list, give them the classic and ultimate coloring gift of Crayola crayons.

The Tween

Bath and Body Works

That age range from about 10-15 years can be an awkward gifting choice. For girls, do you buy them Barbie dolls or are they too old for that? For boys, do you buy them Nerf guns or are they too old for that? When you can't decide what stage of life their gift should represent, perfume and cologne sets are an easy go-to gift. Bath and Body Works lets you pick 3 travel-size body care items for $12.50 and if you can't decide what scents to choose, there are also gift sets packaged and prepared for you already. The great part is that if they don't like the scent you pick out, they can easily exchange it for another one. Perfume or cologne gift sets are a great idea for any young individual who's in-between the child and teenager stages of life.

The Grandparent


As family members get older and reach the grandparent stage, sometimes their minds aren't as quick, their hands aren't as fast, or their interest in games diminishes in comparison with how they used to be. However, that doesn't mean they should miss out on the fun and games during the holiday. 'Blink' is a card game that incorporates the color, shape, or count of a card to win the game. Available on Amazon for $5.39, the game is similar to 'Uno' but without the listed numbers or tricky 'reverse' and 'skip' cards. If the grandparent on your list is getting tired of Bingo or ConnectFour and wants a new game to play, then Blink is the perfect gift for them.

The Homebody

Bath and Body Works

There are people who are always found out-and-about day or night and then there are people who prefer to stay indoors and cuddle up under warm blankets in the safety of their home. For the people who insist on staying home to watch a movie or some shows instead of going out for a night on the town, it's probably clear that they love being comfortable in their familiar surroundings. While they remain indoors, the best way to ensure their home smells nice and they stay relaxed is to gift them a candle. Bath and Body Works currently has 3-wick candles on sale for $15.50 with Christmas-themed scents like Fresh Balsam, Twisted Peppermint, and Vanilla Bean Noel that you can buy in-store or online. Show the person on your list that they can love their home even more with a nice smelling candle added to their cozy ambiance.

The One Who Loses Everything


You likely know someone who can never seem to find their phone, keys, wallet, or any of their other important and valuable belongings. If someone on your list needs a bit of extra help keeping track of their things, the 'Tile' can help. Tile is a smartphone-enabled, water-resistant, Bluetooth tracker and finder available on Amazon in a 4-pack for $34.99. The squared Tile has a small hole located on one corner to allow for easy attachment to your keys or other belongings. You could even put a Tile on your pet's collar and the best part is if they get lost or run away, you can describe the Tile for your dog as 'lost' and it will allow nearby Tile users to assist you in finding your pet. For the person on your list who needs to know where their belongings are at all times, the Tile will come in handy.

The Late One


What better gift for the one who's always late to everything than an alarm clock? The Amazon digital LED alarm clock is available for $19.99 and creates nature sounds, a sunset stimulation, and 8 colorful light options. I personally have the alarm clock myself and although I haven't perfected my timeliness issue, it certainly helps wake me up easier than the sudden, harsh alarm clock noise from the iPhone. For the person on your list who can never make it anywhere on time, this is the ideal gift to hint at them that their tardiness is noticeable but has room for adjustment.

The Lazy Chef


College students are known for surviving off dining hall foods when living in the dorms on campus or ordering delivery when they lack the effort to cook in their homes off-campus. If someone you know has a house or apartment and hates spending time cooking, whether they're in college or not, a crockpot is an ideal gift. The 6-quart crockpot on Amazon is available for $24.97 and serves about 7 people. All the chef has to do is throw all the ingredients into the crockpot, turn it on, and let it do all the work. Once the meal is cooked fully, the crockpot also gives the option to turn the dial and keep the food warm and hot for later. For the person on your list who never has enough time to cook or simply dreads cooking, this gift is a great time and effort saver for them.

The Safety-Conscious One


For someone who is always concerned for the safety of their family or themself, ensuring their home is well-protected could put their worry at ease. With Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell for $99.99, anyone who steps foot in the vicinity of their front door will be seen on camera and the homeowner will be notified immediately on their smartphone. With easy installation, HD video, and wifi-enabled motion-activated alerts, the homeowner can ensure their home is safe and secure no matter where they are. If the person on your list is always anxious about the safety of their home, give them the ultimate doorbell security guard.

The Busy Pet Owner


Pets can make a house feel like home, but they can also make your bills increase quickly. For someone on your list who loves their pet but has to work and can't always be home with them, give them the gift of peace of mind while simultaneously allowing them to play with their pets from work. Furbo is a smart pet camera available on Amazon for $101.09. The wifi-enabled pet camera allows for two-way audio communication and night vision. The best part in addition to watching your pets while at work, the Furbo lets you dispense treats from your paired smartphone. If someone on your list loves their pet but can't always be home with them, this gift that will have them feeling like they're home while they're actually still at work.

The One You Barely Know


Coworkers, mail delivery workers, your favorite coffee shop barista, or anyone else on your list who you barely know could most likely benefit from a box of great quality chocolates. Amazon has a Russell Stover's 22-piece set of milk chocolates filled with creams, caramels, and chews all for $10.49. Chocolates are an easy gift for anyone who you see on a frequent basis that you'd like to show your gratitude for. In the rare case they don't like chocolate- yes, I've met those people- they can easily regift it to their loved one who likes chocolate. Candy and sweets are an ideal gift for anyone that you don't know much about but want to give a small gift to during the holiday season.

The Difficult One


Odds are everyone has encountered one of these people before- the ones who are impossible to buy for and are always unhappy with any gift they get. Maybe they've already got everything they could possibly want and need so there's nothing left for you to buy them. Maybe they simply prefer buying things themselves. This is often a situation I face every Christmas with a few of my family members and a gift card or cash is usually the best gift they could ask for. Granted, it's not a huge package for them to rip the wrapping paper off of and open up out of excitement, but for people who are immensely difficult to shop for, it's an easy great gift. How could someone be unhappy with an Amazon gift card or cash that could be used anywhere? For that person on your list who is always your biggest gifting struggle, consider a gift card or some cold-hard cash this Christmas.

Hopefully, you're now well-prepared for the holiday season and all you have left to do is wrap the presents. Keep in mind, if you decide to buy any gifts from Amazon, using the smile.amazon.com link instead of just the amazon.com link will let you donate to a charity of your choice. What better bonus to giving a gift is there than to simultaneously give a donation without spending any extra money? Good luck with your gift-giving and have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

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