24 tips of advice for my best friend as she travels abroad

It feels like just yesterday we were two 6-year-old dorks in the bathtub making beards and mohawks out of soap and now look at us. My best friend is flying across the globe to explore the world. This is going to be the journey of your life. You are going to make friends you will have for a lifetime and see places you may only experience once.

While your family, I'm sure, is giving you tips like "don't talk to strangers" or "be careful", as your best friend, I am here to tell you the exact opposite (kinda). Be careful obviously, but jump out of your comfort zone and do everything you can to make memories and have a once in a lifetime opportunity.

1. Never go to bed before 11pm 

I am expecting you to be out on the town exploring every night

2. Eat everything. Even things that may not sound appealing. Try them.

Who cares about eating healthy! You're on vacation.

3. Since we're talking about eating... bring me home something sweet

Perferably chocolate. Thank you

4. Send me a minimum of two pictures a day 

I don't care whether its your face, food, or the bathrooms in New Zealand I wanna see it all.

5. Make friends with a Kangaroo 

He will never let you down

6. and smooch a Koala 

7. But make sure Koalas aren't the only thing your smooching, if ya know what I mean ;)

Ha Ha Ha

8. Make friends with everyone and anyone 

Show the Aussies that Americans are friendlier than they think

9. Every plane you fly on you must talk in a different accent 

10. and every time someone says mate I dare you to sneeze.

Video proof please

11. Every time you go to the bathroom grab a piece of the toilet paper

Let's see how many you can collect.

12. When you make a new friend, introduce yourself and then immediately tell them you had E Coli 

"Hey I'm Sydney."

"Hey Sydney!"

"I had E Coli"

13. Cherish the friends you make who are locals 

That way you'll have a free place to stay when you go back to visit;)

14. But in all seriousness, cherish ALL the friends you make on the trip 

As it might be awhile before you get to see them again.

15.  Live like a local 

Sure its fun to see all the touristy stuff, but ask the locals what they do on an everyday basis.

16. Don't always worry about what you look like 

Obviously look cute if you know you're going somewhere eye-catching and pictures will most likely be taken, but when you're just out-and-about it's comfort over fashion.

17. If a boy hurts you, you tell me...

Because you know I will fly right down there. It just might take me 20 hours.

18. But if a boy likes you...

I am expecting his name, age, instagram, and social security number.

19. Text me on my Australian birthday 

October 27th? Guesstimate

20. Don't worry too hard about money 

You have a lifetime to make up what you spent

21.  Spend everyday like it's you're last

Don't hesitate to take a two hour nap during the day so that you can be up through the night

22. But remember heath is important 

So occasionally get a good nights sleep... I guess.

23.  Don't fall too hard for Australia 

because I will never let you live so far from me

24. And finally, be careful 

Careful you don't fall dancing on that Bali bar top!

I love you and I wish you the most amazing trip. I will be thinking of you every day! Can't wait to hug you in December BFF.

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