So you and your best friend have an awesome relationship, but is it like Rachel & Monica's? Here are 24 signs you are actually Rachel and Monica from "Friends!"

1. You’ve been friends forever.

Even before the glow-up.

2. You can be brutally honest...

3. Because you know each other so well.

4. Hanging out just to eat is a common occurrence.

And sharing the same seat? No problem.

5. Or to talk about boys.

6. You attend each other’s family events.

7. You deal with each other’s nonsense.

8. You're each other's emergency contacts.

9. You are there to validate each other’s feelings.

10. And encourage each other’s endeavors.

11. Sometimes you get on each other’s nerves...

12. And need someone else to mediate...

13. But there is always love between the sarcasm.

14. You are comfortable sharing everything with each other.

15. You push each other outside of your comfort zones.

16. Going wedding dress shopping together is a no-brainer.

17. And, if you’re lucky, you will be their Maid of Honor.

18. Even if it means dealing with times like this.

19. You back each other up, even when it seems insane.

20. Because you have worked through too many disagreements in the past to give up now.

21. Life changes are made with tears...

22. And goodbyes are way too difficult...

23. So being reunited looks like this.

24. After everything is said and done, you will always be friends.

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