What I Learned In 24 Hours Without My Phone

What I Learned In 24 Hours Without My Phone

You never realize what you have until it's gone

The other day, I was visiting my grandparents and decided I'd like to take a bath in their jacuzzi. I filled up the tub and settled down in the warm water. My phone was on the windowsill by the tub. I was worried that the windowsill might be wet, so I picked up my phone to see if it was wet. When I realized it wasn't, I went to put it back on the windowsill. In a flash, my phone slipped out of my hand and plopped down into the tub. I immediately snatched it up and shook it, gaping in horror. I quickly stepped out of the tub and dried my phone with my towel. Then I flung it around myself without bothering to dry my body. I frantically ran into the other room to get some help from my mom.


I was incoherent. I basically tossed my phone at my mom and begged her to find some rice. I followed her into the kitchen, where she calmly explained the situation to my grandma, who found some rice in the freezer. My mom thawed it in the microwave, and I went back to my bath after being assured that my phone would be properly taken care of. I brought my iPad into the bathroom with me to listen to some tunes, but I made sure to keep it a safe distance from the water this time.

After my bath, I went online to make sure I handled my wet phone properly. I gathered that I was right to put it in rice, but I was supposed to turn it off and wrap it in a paper towel first. Thankfully, my mom had thought about the paper towel, so I just had to reach in and turn it off. After that, I began my day-long journey of being phoneless.

You've heard it said that you never know what you have until it's gone. That's what I realized about my phone. I never really knew how much I used it until I couldn't. Luckily, I still had my iPad and my laptop to keep me entertained. There were some things, however, that only my phone could do. Without it, I was SOL.

Later that day, we left the house to run some errands. I brought my iPad with me, but I couldn't do much without data. It wasn't long before I entertained myself the old-fashioned way: with pencil and paper. Not a notebook, though. A Sudoku book. It kept both my mind and my hands busy. For a while, I forgot about my phone. Then, when I got to a place where I had to leave my Sudoku in the car, I started to miss my phone again. I couldn't take pictures, browse social media, play Candy Crush...nothing.

Later that night, my mom and grandparents and I sat down to watch a movie. I thought I'd be fine without my phone. After all, why would I need it when I'm watching a movie? Surprisingly, it was during the movie that I felt its absence most. I kept wanting to Google things. It was a strange feeling to have my questions left unanswered until I could get my iPad. In the age of technology, I'm not used to delayed gratification. I'm used to having all the information in the world at my fingertips.

The next day, I pulled my phone out of the bag of rice and was thrilled to find that it was working fine. I'm happy to be reunited with my phone, but I learned a lot from living a day without it. I learned how much I rely on it, and exactly how much time I spend ignoring the rest of the world in favor of getting lost in the palm-sized device.

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If you are kids are in school and looking for some fun during the day, these websites are almost never blocked by the school's wifi. (Just don't get caught). I hope you enjoyed this article and if you did please feel free to follow myself and the Anderson Universtiy page and I will see you all next time, bye!

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2019 Is the Year That We Need Switch Back To Flip Phones

Or at least a much more interpersonal, simpler time.


I really do miss flip phones. This was the time when you could dramatically hang up on someone, the internet on your phone was a luxury you had to pay for, and most importantly, phones were just that... phones.

Smartphones are great though, they've allowed us to have portable navigation, address books, photo albums, games, etc. More importantly, they've changed us. We are a new generation of people, with new fears, behaviors and social norms.

Smartphones have encouraged us to multi-task, but clearly, we've become a bit addicted. We feel the need to constantly be doing something, or going somewhere. We are always making sure that everyone else knows this too, whether it's via Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter. But why are we so worried about our image?

We all want people to see us our best selves all the time, so much so that we are constantly taking time to maintain our online reputation. I think we've become so caught up in preserving our "image" and ensuring that it looks like we're having fun, instead of actually having fun. Our addiction to technology has changed our behaviors and social norms drastically. Technology has changed us so much that there's now a term for the fear that you're missing out, or "FOMO."

This fear is caused by our constant need to check social media and know what everyone else is doing, so we've brought this upon ourselves, really. What we don't realize though, is that it's perfectly okay to miss out sometimes. It's okay to not be invited to anything and everything. I promise you, it's okay to spend time alone and doing something for yourself instead of being surrounded by the masses.

I don't understand why it's considered weird to eat by yourself or spend time alone in general. There's no harm in rejecting a few invites to spend time with the person you should get to know most, yourself. I think we neglect self-care and taking time to decompress because of this severe "FOMO." We're afraid that if we spend even just a few hours alone, we'll miss out on EVERYTHING, and then everyone will know that we were alone.

Taking time for yourself is more important than we realize. Even just a few minutes before bed (without your phone) can be beneficial. We've become so busy in our daily lives that there's hardly a chance to reflect on your day, your goals, your mistakes, and triumphs - all the things which you should consider. Our addiction/abuse of technology has become laughable. We're obsessed with the idea of being with each other all the time. The whole concept is ridiculous. We're so obsessed with letting people know that we're with someone, that we aren't actually present in the moment.

I think Alexander Graham Bell would laugh at how much we've let this small device control our lives. We don't have to take our phones everywhere. Before cell phones, people would actually just take time to organize their thoughts, or actually be present with another person. If we can take the small step to put our phones down, refrain from the urge to post something online every day, and be more present in our daily lives. We can revert back to a society that uses phones as what they are, simply a tool.

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