23 times Jess from "New Girl" described our reactions to life perfectly
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23 times Jess from "New Girl" described our reactions to life perfectly

She just gets us in every way

23 times Jess from "New Girl" described our reactions to life perfectly

1. When you're trying to be encouraging.

2. When you just can't focus because...food...

3. When you wake up hungover.

4. When you're single and everyone else isn't.

5. After you rant on someone you don't really know and then feel bad.

6. When people say stupid, untrue things...

...they deserve the look of confusion and judgement you're giving them

7. When you make appearance decisions.

8. After you read "50 Shades of Grey" and try to do something sexy.

9. When you're at a family event...

...or any event for that matter.

10. Anytime you don't have to wear a bra, no matter the reason.

11. When people judge you.

12. When your "sig oth" starts to find out your oddities.

13. And when you accidentally almost say something about the future to them.

14. When you try to have guy friends and then you remember you can't.

15. When you start figuring out what terrible decisions you make based on your drinks.

16. When you have a major life epiphany.

17. When you realize your problem in relationships.

18. When you're PMSing.

19. When you've had a really bad day and don't want to talk about it...

...you just wanna do sad things, is that too much to ask?

20. When you're doing some serious love-life reflecting.

21. But that doesn't last long and then you're back out on the prowl.

22. When prowling doesn't go over so well...

23. And when you remember you're you and you love you...

...and that's really all that matters.

Jessica Day really is every girl's spirit animal. She says everything we can't but with a perfectly, positive spin. Thank you "New Girl" for all the joy and one-liners you bring us.

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