23 Slang Words And Phrases You Should Know In 2015
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23 Slang Words And Phrases You Should Know In 2015

Your eyebrows are on fleek.

23 Slang Words And Phrases You Should Know In 2015
Mean Girls

We all know that slang changes almost too fast to keep up with. No one can predict when something is going to catch on and become the next big thing. We've lived through YOLO, ratchet, salty, thirsty, cray, and so many more.

Maybe you've heard your younger sister saying these and you have no idea what they are, or absolutely refuse to acknowledge their existence. Either way, here, a roundup of 23 terms and phrases that are some of the most used in pop culture today.

1. Turnt

When referring to people, this word usually means they are inebriated in some way, or they are just hyped up. When referring to an event, it means the event is fun, people are probably inebriated, and everyone is having a good time.

Dude, I got so turnt last night!

That party was too turnt!

2. On Fleek

This is one of my personal favorites, and it means on-point or very good.

Your eyebrows are on fleek.

3. Bae

This is an acronym meaning Before Anyone Else or Before Anything Else; also short for babe or baby. It is used to describe someone or something of importance to you or someone that you find attractive.

Netflix is bae.

4. Doe

Another way to say ‘though’; usually used for emphasis or to draw someone’s attention to something.

This article doe.

5. Rekt

Another way to say ‘wrecked’; Mostly used for online gaming.

Get rekt.

6. Hella

This word started in northern California and is most commonly attributed to San Francisco. It's not a new term by any means, but I feel like the Cali movement is taking over and this word is becoming relevant again. It basically means “very” or “really”.

It’s hella hot outside today.

7. Basic

We have all probably heard this one a few hundred times, but not everyone is certain about its meaning. The best definition that I found for this was: “used to describe someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting or extraordinary.” (Shout out to Urban Dictionary user wowlancer).

Karen only wears oversized frockets and leggings. She’s hella basic.

8. Shade

This is basically an underhanded insult. It is usually delivered in a casual manner, sometimes to the point that the person doesn’t realize they are being insulted. You may also here the phrase “throwing shade”, which is the act of the underhanded insult being delivered.

She threw shade at me in front of everyone and thought I wouldn’t realize.

9. Read

Telling someone about themselves or pointing out their flaws in a snappy, witty and sometimes humorous manner.

He read me to filth and I had to reevaluate my life.

10. Tea

This usually refers to gossip. You may hear people say “sips tea”, which means they are choosing to not speak on the subject. You may also hear “the tea is exceptional today”, which means that the gossip is especially juicy.

Spill the tea about that party last night.

11. Yas

This term is used to express high levels of approval. Often times the word is drawn out to add emphasis.

Yas Beyoncé, you look amazing! YAAAAS QUEEN BEY!

12. Giving Me Life

This phrase is used when something gets you excited or impresses you greatly.

This song is giving me life! YAS!

13. Sickening

This is an adjective that is used when something or someone looks very good. It is like saying “This is so good it makes me sick!”

She looked sickening in that dress!

14. Ship

This word can be a verb or a noun. As a verb, it means to support a specific romantic pairing (usually of fictional characters). As a noun, a ship is when a romantic pairing occurs between two characters; short for relationship.

I totally ship Piper and Alex! My all-time favorite ship is Ross and Rachel.

15. AF

This is an acronym that stands for “As F**k.” It is used to express things in a higher degree.

Those tacos were good AF.

16. Aesthetic

I honestly am not entirely sure of the meaning of this term. But from what I’ve seen, it is usually used to refer to someone’s personal form of expression and beauty.

Person 1: Why are you wearing a peacock themed onesie?

Person 2: Aesthetic.

17. Squad

This word is pretty straight forward and is used to refer to your clique or group of friends. You may often hear the phrase “squad goals” to refer to a group of friends that someone aspires to be like.

That group of friends is always on-point when they go out. Squad goals.

18. Dead

This term is used to refer to current state of amusement. If something is extremely funny and you’re laughing so hard that it figuratively kills you.


19. No Chill

This phrase refers to people that are not being calm or rational. They have lost their ability to chill.

*Mom yells at me to do stuff*

Me: Mom you have absolutely no chill.

20. Or nah

Made popular by the Ty Dolla $ign hit, this phrase is used to confirm or deny something.

Are you going to study tonight, or nah?

21. FOMO

This acronym stands for “Fear of Missing Out”. This is the fear that if you don’t go to an event you’re missing out on a great time, or the feeling that everyone is doing fun stuff without you.

I have to go to that party! I have severe FOMO!

22. Lit

This term is used to refer to someone that is very intoxicated. It can be used to talk about someone who is drunk but usually refers to someone who is high.

Did you see his eyes? He was lit af.

23. Fam

A word used to refer to those close to you. These people can be your actual family, but most times it is used for close friends that you trust who are like family.

You always have my back, fam.

If there was anything on this list that you didn't know how to use before, now you know, fam. I'm sure your vocab will be hella on fleek and bae af. Don't go too overboard doe, or your squad might read you. Will you be using any of these terms or nah?

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