If you've ever visited or lived in North Carolina, you can tell right away that it's a pretty amazing place. North Carolinians are treated to living in a state that has it all: beaches, mountains, great weather, and just the right amount of Southern culture. It's okay to be cocky about how great it is to live in NC because let's face it: we're better than other places.

For all of you out-of-staters, here's why:

1. North Carolina is home to both the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks...

2. ...and the Appalachian Mountains.

3. We have all four seasons, and they are absolutely beautiful.

4. Charlotte, North Carolina is the second largest banking center in the United States. The Queen City also showcases an amazing skyline and the Charlotte Hornets, the basketball team that is owned by none other than Michael Jordan.

5. Right in the middle of the state is the Research Triangle Park, one of the largest research areas and job hubs in the world. This area is also home to three major universities: NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Duke.

6. North Carolina has just the right amount of Southern culture, which means...

7. Southern expressions,

8. Southern manners,

9. Southern food,

10. And Southern football.

11. There's nothing more beautiful than the sight of a North Carolina flag flying high...

12. Or the colors of a true Carolina sunset.

13. We're home to the biggest rivalry in college basketball. When visiting NC, be careful -- it DOES matter what shade of blue you're wearing on game day.

14. From the picturesque Biltmore Estate and the Blue Ridge Parkway of Asheville...

15. ...all the way to the charm of Wrightsville beach and Cape Hatteras lighthouse on the coast, every square foot of North Carolina is rich in beauty.

16. North Carolinians are people who climb to the tops of mountains,

17. Drink sweet tea out of mason jars,

18. And appreciate our state's fascinating history (Blackbeard and the Lost Colony, how cool is that?!)

19. North Carolina has witnessed some pretty spectacular inventions that are still all the rage today such as Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme,

20. Not to mention that we're First in Flight.

21. NC is home to the best fast food (people from other states just don't understand our undying love for Bojangles and Cookout):

22. As well as the best BBQ.

23. And if Old Crow Medicine Show can give NC its stamp of approval by writing the unofficial state anthem of "Wagon Wheel" (seriously, try to find a North Carolinian who doesn't know the words) then I guarantee you'll love it too.

No matter who you are or where you're from, everyone always finds something about North Carolina that keeps them coming back. That's what makes me so passionate about where I'm from, and why NC is such a great place to call home.