23 Eminem Songs For 23 Different Occasion

23 Eminem Songs For 23 Different Occasion

Find your inner Slim Shady.

The first time I remember hearing Eminem, I was 5 years old in my sister's room listening to "The Eminem Show." From that point, I became a Stan, which Urban Dictionary defines as "an overzealous maniacal fan for any celebrity or athlete."

Eminem is arguably one of the best rappers of all time and although he hasn't been in the mainstream for many years now, Eminem could get a feature from any artist and drop a major album tomorrow. Here are 23 Eminem songs for every occasion you could think of.

1. Getting in your feels- "Love the Way You Lie."

Everyone remembers the summer of 2010 when Eminem and Rihanna made one of the most emotionally charged songs of the year. Love the Way You Lie will give you chills and maybe make you cry a little bit.

2. Working Out, Part 1- "Lose Yourself."

This song has been on every workout playlist and always adds some pep to your step.

3. Starting a rap quartet with your friends- "Forever."

Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne and Eminem link up together on this song to drop four of the hottest verses ever, and you can't really call your friends your real friends until you all rap this song together.

4. Crying hysterically- "When I'm Gone."

Eminem's song about his daughters missing him on the road will have you in tears every time.

5. Pregaming- "W.T.P."

You probably missed this from "Recovery," but you might have heard it on the "Project X" soundtrack.

6. Preparing for a speech- "Forgot About Dre."

The quick pace of this song from Dr. Dre and Eminem, along with the tongue twisting wordplay, makes for an excellent vocal warm up for a speech (@ college students).

7. Working Out, Part 2- "Till I Collapse."

Another classic from Eminem with Nate Dogg on the chorus, "Till I Collapse" will put ice in your veins.

8. Disturbing your friends- "Fack."

Just listen to the song, you'll understand

9. Late wine nights and emotional venting- "The Monster."

Again, Eminem and Rihanna give us a rap and chorus that we can belt our lungs out to.

10. Clubbing, or at least pretending to- "Smack That."

Even though this song was made when Akon was still blessing us with hooks, it can still be used in the right circumstances today.

11. Being angry at your parents- "Cleanin' Out My Closet."

Again, just listen to the song.

12. Missing your special someone- "Space Bound."

"I got a hole in my heart, some kind of emotional roller coaster..."

13. Cleaning house- "Shake That."

I can't promise that you won't want party after doing the dishes.

14. Working Out, Part 3- "Cinderella Man."

You should know by now that Eminem makes great workout music.

15. Getting out of a dark place- "Beautiful."

All jokes aside, this is an amazing song that helped me out of some bad times.

16. Breaking up- "25 to Life."

The entire song, Eminem makes you think he's talking about leaving a bad relationship but there's more to it.

17. Speaking out against the system- "White America."

Charged with lyrics about racial discrimination and white privilege in America, this song will open your eyes up to another perspective on racism in America.

18. Working Out, Part 4- "Phenomenal."

Actually check out the whole Southpaw soundtrack for great workout music, which Eminem has production credits on as well as killer verses.

19. Paying tribute to lost loved ones- "You're Never Over."

Eminem's song to his childhood friend Proof, who died in a shooting in 2006, will have you in tears remembering everyone you lost.

20. When you're feeling like telling it how it really is- "If I Had."

"Tired of drowning in my sorrow
Tired of having to borrow a dollar for gas to start my Monte Carlo"

21. Rapping your tongue off- "Rap God."

Eminem holds the world record for most words in a hit single, with 1,560 words in just over 6 minutes. Good luck.

22. Telling off people who bring you down- "No Love."

Eminem + Lil Wayne = Genius.

23. Driving really fast- "The Way I Am."

*Grips steering wheel tightly.*

So, when you're in the mood for almost anything, grab this Eminem playlist and find the song for you.

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