A by no means extensive list of all the things I cannot claim to be anywhere close to an expert on after spending 22 years in existence. Moral of the story you don't have to have it all together just because you're an adult. True story, I have on good authority to say that even some 60 year old's still don't know what they want to be when they grow up.

1) To ride a bike.

Yeah, this one is kinda just sad... I have no excuses.........

2) How to fix anything involving a car.

Ummm isn't that what Daddy is for? After all I'm all grown up now he's gotta have some job to do!

3) How to hold my breath under water without holding my nose.

4) How to see without glasses.

Those darn eyes of mine just never got their shit together!

5) How to ski.

6) How to cut the grass without destroying anything.

Can't I just buy a cute goat to eat it?

7) How to say goodbye.

Losing loved ones never gets easier to handle.

8) How to just "get over" my mental illness.

Just because someone looks wonderful from the outside doesn't mean that their disability is fake.

9) How to parallel park.

10) How to bake sugar cookies without burning them.

11) To conquer my fear of roller coasters.

Baby rides at Disney for the win!

12) To speak Russian or Italian

Personal goals... maybe one day....

13) To control my gift of empathy.

I can physically feel someones pain like it's my own.

14) How to tolerate a stranger touching me,even accidentally.

NO TOUCHY TOUCHY! I don't understand people who think it's okay to just touch someone. PLEASE DON'T!

15) How to actually buy my own wifi.

Leeching seems to do the trick quite nicely!

16) How to rent an apartment.

I've never had to actually search for places... I lived on campus for 4 years

17) How to buy insurance.

Thank God i'm not 26 yet!

18) What I want to be when I grow up.

All I know is I just wan't to love, inspire, teach, save a life or two.... or hundreds, and have some fun along the way.

19) How to educate someone who refuses to see the truth right in front of them.

20) How to accept that impossible means it cant be done.

Impossible means try harder, become innovative. Everything in history has been impossible at some point or another until someone made it happen. Don't take no for an answer.

21) How to care what people think of me.

Sorry, not Sorry! Im gonna keep doing me because what you think is none of my business anyway!

22) To ignore other people's view points on issues.

Thanks to a certain speaker at my recent graduation from Sweet Briar College I am motivated to say that just because someone seems out of touch or doesn't give a message in the most correct polite way doesn't ,mean you automatically take to bashing them on every platform possible. You do not have to agree but show some respect, open your eyes, sit down, shut up, and take a minute to think about how someone from another generation could see one of today's social issues differently than yourself. Don't automatically label someone because you haven't lived through their experiences. You can learn so much when you open yourself up, put aside your bias, and stop acting entitled. Trust me I did it, you have the power to stop being triggered to (Side thought maybe this should be a new campaign slogan for America)

*** Important Disclaimer to Above***** This by no means is telling you that you must listen to white supremacists or other forms of serious hate speech, rather really think about what you are considering to be hate speech or non inclusive speech etc..

The 80 year old woman who says she is not a feminist cannot be blamed for not conforming to our generations ideas of feminism. She in her own right pioneered through a time where women had it far worse than any of us will ever see. Yes we are still fighting for valid reasons! However maybe a woman who lived through a time where rape in many cases was actually considered legal is well within her right not to understand how after gaining so much agency our generation of women would so carelessly prance off to a man's hotel room for a business meeting......................