16 Birthday Ideas With No Alcohol Included

16 21st Birthday Party Ideas For The Person Who'd Rather Drink Sparkling Cider Than Vodka

You can still celebrate your birthday without drinking alcohol


21 years around the sun is a pretty big deal. For some, this might be the most anticipated birthday of the decade next to that Sweet 16. But, hey, you don't need alcohol to have a party.

Peep some of these ideas for 21st birthday festivities!

1. Murder mystery dinner.


There are birthday dinners, and then there are murder mystery birthday dinners. Your 21st birthday will be one for the books.

2. Cooking party.


Because how awesome does making homemade pizza and cookies with your friends for your 21st sound?

3. Volunteer.


21 years is something to not only celebrate, but to be grateful for. Volunteering at a non-profit organization, such as The Birthday Party Project , will be one of the best birthday parties you ever went to.

4. Amusement park.


Be a kid again with some friends and family! Raise your hands on all of the rollercoasters and eat as much ice cream as you can!

5. Mini golf.


When does mini golf not sound like a good idea?

6. Arcade.


Dave and Buster's + a bucket of unlimited wings = best 21st birthday ever. Easy math.

7. Camping.


For the nature lovers out there, a weekend camping trip might be one of the best ideas for a 21st birthday party!

8. Spa day.


Celebrate your birthday with some cucumbers on your eyes!

9. Laser tag.


Laser tag always sounds like the move, but remember, just because it’s your birthday, that doesn’t mean your friends are going to go easy on you!

10. Bowling.


Up for some competition? See if your birthday stars will be in your favor at the bowling alley!

11. Game night.


Candyland, Pictionary, Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders...the possibilities are endless.

12. Craft party.


Grab some paint, canavases... shoot, maybe even some glue to make slime!

13. Skydiving.


Let your daredevil out by jumping out of a plane!

14. Rollerskating.


Get yourself some bellbottoms and hit the roller rink and groove!

15. Museum visit.


Art, science, history, even a kid’s museum! Art is art, right?

16. Paint class.


Two words: Pinot’s Palette. Minus the Pinot.

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