She's your best friend, your partner in crime, your person -- the only problem is she's hundreds of miles away. Regardless of the distance, you guys stay in touch through frequent calls, FaceTimes and texts. And even if you two go a couple of weeks without talking, you are confident that your friendship will remain strong -- after all, distance is no match for a true friendship. If you have a best friend like this, here are 21 things you probably have said to her or say to her on a regular basis:

1. “Hey remember when -- !?" *laughs hysterically for 10 minutes*

2. “I seriously miss you."

3. “Ugh, I wish we could hang out as much as we used to. Why do we live SO far apart?”

4. “Call me ASAP! I have to tell you something!”

5. "Actually, let's FaceTime so I can see your reaction."

6. “Hey there’s a airfare sale! COME SEE ME!"

7. “Dude, we should plan a road trip!”

8. “Let's go on a cruise!"

9. “Let’s just make sure to see each other some how.”

10. “Only 78 days till we're reunited!”

11. “Hey we should go to ____ when you visit!"

12. “Our old pics are ugly; we need to take a bunch of pictures when we're together."

13. "I seriously can't wait to see you!"

14. “I just saw your status on Facebook; is everything OK?"

15. "In need of a FaceTime therapy session?"

16. "Have you seen *old mutual friend's name* lately!?"

17. "Are ____ and ____ back together!?"

18. "Tell your family I said hi! I miss them and your dog."

19. "I'm having major best-friend withdrawals."

20. “Hey, wait for me to watch that episode so we can talk about it afterward!"

21. “Thanks for being my forever friend.”