21 Things I Want to Do Before Turning 21
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21 Things I Want to Do Before Turning 21

After turning 18 soon, there are several things I would love to accomplish before my next big milestone birthday.

21 Things I Want to Do Before Turning 21

With October quickly coming to an end, my 18th birthday is coming into the limelight. I'm going to be a legal adult! As fun as that sounds, it's the last big birthday until 21, which is kind of a bummer. I take my birthday very seriously because it's the only day of year, it can be all about me and I'm not considered self-centered for it. Without kids or a man in my life, it makes it a lot easier to focus on the most important person in my life: ME. As I get older, and wiser obviously, I like to think about the things I would like to accomplish in my fleeting ages, so I thought I'd share that with you guys.

1. Own a pet

Whether a dog or a cat, or a fox or a raccoon, I want to own at least one pet by the time I'm 21. I would kill to own a raccoon, but I may have to settle for a dog because of the permit required for a coon.

2. Travel to another country

My hearts says Europe and the Caribbean, my bank account says crossing the border to Canada. Maybe if I wish upon a star, I'll be able to do all three before I turn 21.

3. Attend a fashion show

Let's face it, it probably won't be the front row unless I kill a few people to get there. But being at a fashion show, would be the greatest thing that could ever happen to me, maybe.

4. Finish my third book

Getting them publish may be a whole other story, but the sense of accomplishment I get when i complete a book is amazing.

5. Finish esthetician school

I'm going to need a backup career to this whole acting and writing thing, and I love beauty so what better decision? I may not have a school picked out yet, but I'll get around to facing that issue (get it?).

6. Be in a steady relationship

Marriage is a goal, and I should probably date the guy before getting marrying him. I mean, I could always marry him at first sight but I doubt that's a recipe for happily ever after.

7. Disney World or other international Disney park

I've already been to Disneyland but not Disney World. And no life is complete without a little magic of Disney. It's a scientific fact.

8. Go to a Comic Con

The nerd inside of me wants to experience comic con. I don't really care if it's San Diego Con or Salt Lake, as long as i get the chance to go. Although, the lines and billions of people don't make this a very convincing sale.

9. Yellowstone

Honestly, Yellowstone is gorgeous and the sooner I go, the better. And it's conveniently located not too far from me.

10. Move out

This probably should've been at the top of this list, but if I'm being honest this is in no particular order whatsoever. But my place, my rules. I could put my brother on a timeout.

11. Stay overnight in a haunted place

Overnight certainly does not mean sleeping because none of that will be happening.

12. Travel with my best friend

And take those ridiculous Insta-worthy photos.

13. Spend a weekend at a spa

Great aromas. Massages. Facials. Thick, plush robes. And relaxation. I think I'm 50% more relaxed just thinking about a spa getaway. To be pampered instead of doing the pampering for a change, sounds like a dream.

14. Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics in South Korea, bring it on.

15. Make more than 100 YouTube videos

People viewing the videos is a whole other story that I'll have to work on, but baby steps you know.

16. Discover a new hobby

Binging on Netflix and reading the same books over and over can only get me so far in this life of mine.

17. Attend different churches

Being raised Mormon, I think I was forced into that religion. I am Christian but i would like to experience and learn about other churches. It would be nice to see how other people value religion.

18. Perform a dance routine

I love dancing, whether or not I'm good at it is debatable. With good choreography, and enough practice time, I can normally do pretty well. I haven't performed a dace routine since grade school and I'd love to do it again.

19. Get a tattoo

I want a few tattoos in my lifetime and what better time to get them then while I'm in my youth? Tattoos are art and everyone wears their art differently.

20. Write my will

In all fairness, I probably won't die that young, but you never know. I think being prepared for my unlikely demise is one of the smartest things I could do.

21. Host a fundraiser for charity

Although my life may feel like utter sh*t some days, I know there are people suffering a far greater fight that could use all the help and support they can get. Yes, I drop money into the coin jars at the store, but putting together an event with the sole purpose of helping others, is a far greater reward.

Let's face the facts, three years will come and go so fast. Having a list of things I'd like to accomplish make it all that much more real. Growing older is scary but you learn and discover new things about yourself and the world around you each and every passing day. So don't forget to cherish those days, because you never know which day will be your last.

What kinds of things do you want to accomplish by your next milestone birthday?

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