21 Things More Likely Than Dying In A Plane Crash

21 Things More Likely Than Dying In A Plane Crash

You're more likely to win an Olympic gold medal or get hit by a meteorite.

With the recent disappearance of EgyptAir flight 804, the fear of flying has reawakened within many Americans. With stories of vanishing planes in mind, Americans may find themselves wondering if something like that could happen to them. Aviophobia, or the fear of flying, affects roughly 20 million people worldwide, and is a very understandable fear. The idea of being left helpless in an emergency situation that occurs 30,000 feet above the ground is terrifying. When you decide to board a plane, you lose control over your fate. If an accident did strike, you would have no way to help yourself or to escape the situation! Very scary stuff to think about. However, to keep things in perspective, your chances of being in a plane crash are extremely low, 1 in 11 million, to be exact. The odds of experiencing one of the following are much more likely.

1. Being born with an extra finger or toe

1 in 500.

2. Becoming President of the United States

1 in 10 million. ( I'll admit that your chances are slim, but it is still more likely than dying in a plane crash.)

3. Getting killed from a meteorite

1 in 700,000.

4. Giving birth to conjoined twins

1 in 200,000.

5. Winning an Oscar

1 in 11,500.

6. Dying from a bee sting

1 in 79,842.

7. Winning an Olympic gold medal

1 in 662,000. (Assuming you can qualify for the Olympics first…)

8. Dying from a flesh-eating bacteria

1 in a million.

9. Drowning in your bathtub

1 in 840,000.

10. Dating a millionaire

1 in 215. (Might just drop out of college and play the odds on this one.)

11. Getting murdered

1 in 18,000.

12. Getting killed by a bear at Yellowstone National Park

1 in 2.1 million.

13. Dating a supermodel

1 in 88,000.

14. Writing a New York Times bestseller

1 in 220.

15. Having your ID stolen

1 in 465.

16. Dying in a tornado

1 in 60,000.

17. Getting poisoned

1 in 1,400.

18. Dying in a skydiving accident

1 in 100,000.

19. Becoming a nudist

1 in 6,000.

20. Meeting someone who speaks Cherokee

1 in 15,000.

21. Living to 100 years old

1 in 3.

Cover Image Credit: Premium Times

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Best place to surf for beginners

World's best surf spots for beginners

Surfing is a very contagious game in the world and is attracting many people. It has been recorded that the game has grown by over ten million participants between the years 2001 to 2011. 

Previously, the game had been set aside for only the jobless and idlers but has recently become the mainstream. In the recent past, there has emerged thousands of surfing destinations for you to try out.

For beginners, the place that you experience you first surfing can either positively or negatively influence you in matters regarding your training and learning experience.Many surfing spots as adventures gear lab in the world have great sites that both for beginners and professional surfing.

Moreover, you are likely to find many articles advertising locations with epic waves, jaw -dropping breaks and killer waves for professional competition.

However, this place may not be as suitable for you as a beginner. For a beginner, the pace has to be

• Safe

• Fitted with surfing schools that take in new surfers.

• With suitable waves for beginners. 

• Having suitable breaksthat are not crowded with surfers.

Beginners will always feel comfortable in the hands of professional and qualified and need to have access gentle waves. Here are some seven best -surfing sites for beginners.

Waikiki, Hawaii

 It makes one of the oldest surfing sites around the globe. Ancient kings used to do surfing in this area using crude wooden surfing boards long before the missionaries came in to stop the tradition as an idol worship. However, surfing has again gained its popularity again. 

This place experiences smooth waves in a mixture of easy and fun atmosphere that offers long training experience for new beginners. Canoes are often crowded with beginners, and therefore you can find an easy time catching a wave. 

There are readily available surfing boards for rent (on an hourly basis) in nearby shacks on the beach, and also you may take a lesson in many nearby schools.

Best time to visit:

There are waves all year round, but the summer that stretches from June to August receives consistent waves.

Bryon Bay, Australia

Bryon Bay was once a sleepy dairy town that was later turned slowly into a surfing stock broker enclave. This classy place is suitably situated and very ideal for the new beginners. It is the best surfing site in the country and most probably one among the best in the world. The area is well known all over the world for its different types of waves that suit various levels.

There are normally gentle rolls off the Watego Beach for beginners, beach breaks that are found on the Tallows and relatively small swells of the Wreck. There is the Brayon Bay School in the vicinity and offers surfing training and accommodation.

Best time to visit:

The place experiences constant swells around March to May, and the weather is then warm.

Lagos, Portugal

In reality, Lagos itself experiences not many waves. However, it is the countries most populated place with surfing schools. There is a reason as to why this picturesque town is dense with these schools. The town is just within the proximity of a highly wave infested area. 

It only takes thirty minutes to reach these surfing destinations from Lagos. One of them is the famous and protected break at Arrifana which very suitable place for surfing for beginners.

Additionally, the place is punctuated with lots of cheap hotels around Lagos.

The best time to visit:

There are significant crowds during the summer seasons, therefore, pay a visit to the place in the spring and autumn.

Newquay, UK


The country is known for the very scrappy weather. Many Britons cherish the surfing in the region. Among the surfing, grounds include the Newquay'sFistral Beach which forms the fundamental place for surfing. 

It has many surfing

schools, hostels, surf cafes around the town. It is moreover surrounded by many surf able beaches stretching from the Fistral all the way to the protected Watergate Bay.

The best time to visit:

The most consistent time is from the Septembers to October.

Belhaven Bay, Scotland


It is a suitable place located in the East Lothian and is more convenient for beginners to learn and develop their skill and experience. It is composed of very colorful and flat and rock free beaches. 

The water is relatively shallow and means that the lessons can be taken easily.

The best time of the year to visit is during the summer and the spring when the offshore winds are blowing west-southwest.

Biarritz, France


It is a small town located in the French Basque country, SW France. It houses many fabulous homes for holiday.

Most attractive venues are along the rugged coastline lined with eateries beautiful homes. The beaches are attractive to the local and international tourists. 

There are cliffs that punctate the golden sands of the beaches and the palatial homes.

The best time to enjoy the surfing experience is during the summer and autumn when you will enjoy the heat of the sun and pleasant chilly mornings.

St Ouen's Bay, Jersey


It is characterized by sandy beaches that are pounded by the Atlantic rolling waves. The magnificent beaches are attractive to both the surfers and the adrenaline seekers. 

The oldest surfing club in the history of European surfing is located in this place. It has a stunning site, but the swimmers are instructed only to avoid the rest of the high currents. Best time to visit is during the summers.

Five places that you ought to avoid as a beginner:

Port Elizabeth in South Africa: the place is infested with sharks. In fact, swimmers do it in shark -proof cages..

North Shore in Hawaii: it is prone to the grief that is caused by the dangerous high waves rising to ten meters. Many novicescome to grief in this place..

Coolangatta in Australia: it is usually overcrowded, and you may walk into the surfing andagain walk out of place without surfing..

Puerto Escondido in Mexico: this place is known for the very dangerous highbreaks that tower above the heads. They are known for snapping the surfboards. 

Fuerte Ventura in the Canary Islands: Populated with sea urchins, sharp lava reefs, strong winds and thumping swells.


For most of the surfers, an ideal place for surfing is where there is the divergence of the winds, swells, tides, seafloor and direction. The winds are responsible for generating the swells. 

The wind speed interacts with the course of the tide, swell direction, the tide hour and the status of the floor of the ocean to determine the type of wave. Most of the surfers spend most of their time moving around the world looking for an ideal surfing places

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I Love Going On Cruises, Everyone Should Try It At Least Once

Cruising gets a bad rap sometimes, and I don't understand why.

People get opinionated when it comes to traveling -- where to go, how to get there, etc. Everyone thinks that their unique travel style, their trips, and adventures are the only way to explore the world.

As soon as you say cruise, many people get frantic. They fill their head with images. Some are scared of the voyage, others say they get seasick.

Here's why I personally love cruising.

Around the world

Cruising is an experience. You get to see so many places in just a short amount of time. Without cruising, I wouldn't have been able to see so many places in Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean if it wasn't for the cruises I have been on. Yes, you only get a short stop at these places (a pity), but you get to get a quick taste. My family has even talked about going back to different ports for a longer amount of time!

Unpack and relax

You unpack once. You don't have to take planes, trains, and automobiles to all these locations. You settle in and make the cruise ship your home for one week (or longer). The cruise is home to your room, meals and social life. Each one's cruise can be whatever they want. You can go work out, sit by the pool, get a massage or take place in classes, sports, etc. It is all so flexible. Do whatever you want!

Would you believe me if I told you I talk to someone that I met on a cruise every single day? The people make the cruise. I have friends from San Francisco, Boston, and even the United Kingdom. People like them make the cruise extraordinary. For one week or two, you form such close relationships. You end up making daily plans to sit by the pool together, eat dinner and hang out at night.

So there you go. That is why I love cruising, and why everyone should try it at least once.

Cover Image Credit: Alexa Hines

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