College can be rough. Life can be hard. But, that doesn't mean that we were made to go through these things alone. Having good coping skills to help you deal with the hardships of life can make you jump from a two to a seven on the scale of happiness, and it can make your situation seem a little less bleak.

As someone who will be "graduating" from therapy in the next few months (after going for FIVE years), I have learned multiple skills to help me get through harder times.

1. Talk about how you're feeling instead of just bottling things up 

2. Get outside to feel the sunshine on your skin 

3. Make a list of all the things you accomplished that day, even something as simple as brushing your teeth 

4. Turn off your sad music and listen to an uplifting playlist 

5. Start a journal and write out everything you are feeling 

6. If you go to therapy, actually DO the homework your psychologist gives you 

7. Call a friend — you have more than what your brain is trying to tell you 

8. Take a nap. Sometimes we just need a fresh start to feel better. 

9. Do something creative — paint, color, bake, write, etc 

10.  Get off social media. This is where comparison comes from. 

11.  Drink a glass of water (which is also an accomplishment)!

12.  Go for a drive and admire everything that is around you 

13.  Watch funny videos on Facebook/YouTube 

14.  Get out of your room/dorm/apartment 

15.  Pray. Jesus wants to hear everything you are thinking. 

16.  Do something nice for someone else 

17.  Call your mama (or dad, grandma, aunt, etc)

18.  Read a good book 

19.  Light a candle 

20.  Clean everything! 

21.  Make a to-do list and do at least ONE thing on it 

Remember that no matter what situation you are in, you are loved. No one's life will be better off without you. You are made to live a wonderful life. Sometimes, we just need a little help/kick in the pants to reach the next step.