21 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Athleisure

21 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Athleisure

Your targeted ads: All gym clothes.

Athleisure. The cross between fashionable and comfortable, stylish and practical, athletic and leisurely. Maybe you've seen it around, or maybe you're in a fully addictive relationship with these clothing. If you're the latter, you definitely will be showing some signs of classic athleisure addiction.

1. At this point, they're the only clothes you buy

Unless you've headed to the mall with one specific purchase in mind, you'll end up with some athletic wear. (And let's be real, even if you have something in mind, you still might end up buying some.)

2. 90 percent of it doesn't even see the inside of the gym

Of course a lot of your athleisure is for looking cute in the gym. But some stuff is just too cute to get sweaty. (And others were built specifically for looking like you went to the gym and would not hold up for 10 minutes against sweat.)

3. If you're online shopping, you're looking for athleisure

There's always more somewhere, you just have to find it.

4. Jeans are really just a joke at this point

Having to wear jeans for any purpose is a very sad event. They make look nice, but your legs are definitely wishing for some intervention from your cute and comfortable workout pants.

5. You would consider (if you haven't already) going to the bar wearing workout pants

Plain black ones just look like leggings, and patterned ones could create an adorable look. Is there any good reason why your bar clothes and your gym clothes can't mesh?

6. Your Christmas and birthday list is pretty much all athleisure items

Maybe a necessity or a cute dress here and there, but the vast majority of the things you want Santa to bring you is some quality athletic wear.

7. You would never shy away from asking a complete stranger where they got their workout pants

Whether in person or on Instagram, you're not letting this person go without finding out where those pants came from.

8. Your gym motivation skyrockets when you're in a sweet outfit

"Well, I guess I'm already dressed for the gym and I look great so I will just go."

9. Your life has been made easier by the quick life to nap transition

Coming home in jeans, nice shirts or dresses requires changing into something more comfortable before hopping into bed. Not athleisure, baby. Walk in the door, throw back the covers and you'll be dreaming in minutes.

10. The 2/24 deal on Fabletics makes your mouth literally water

Whether you've splurged for the VIP membership, you've created 11 accounts but never pulled the trigger or just look from afar, those advertisements will get you.

11. And don't even get me started on the VS semi-annual sale

VS workout pants are expensive. Any discount you are going to give me is an improvement for those glorious pants. Have all of my money!

12. All of your targeted advertisements on social media are of workout clothes

And it becomes pretty much impossible not to click on them. I mean, the deals are impossible to beat, even if you already have 4 pairs that look almost identical.

13. You're waiting for the day that your Lulu's fit under the span of "business casual"

The workplace really puts a damper on wearing exercise clothing. Maybe one day all of your comfortable athleisure items will be not only allowed, but encouraged in the workplace due to extreme comfortability leading to extreme productivity. Until then, a girl can dream.

14. When you see someone walk by in uncomfortable heels or pants you and your comfy ass can't help but giggle

You know that no matter how great they look, their feet or legs are dying on the inside. You might feel bad, but you really can't help but pat yourself on the back for your outfit choice.

15. And somehow you never run out because your addiction is just too strong

Yeah, 27 pairs of pants will definitely last you through all of your laundry cycles.

16. Even when you go with other outfits, secretly you're wishing you were wearing something from your gym wardrobe

Of course, you're not wearing athleisure all the time. But, you are wishing that you were wearing athleisure all the time.

17. You may also be addicted to Youtuber's "Gym clothing haul" videos

Oh, to be rich enough that you can literally just buy a ton of workout clothes to show your adoring fans what you bought. Oh well. Until then, watching as your mouth waters and you justify your bank account will have to do.

18. To be honest, your butt has never looked better

Jeans and shorts and skirts can make your butt look good. But truly nothing does a better job than a good pair of athletic pants.

19. You literally cannot walk past a store that sells athleisure without at least peeking

What if they have new stuff? What if that one shirt is on sale? What if it is not on sale but this time I'm more confident I can talk myself into buying it?

20. A new pair of tennis shoes will catch your eye more than a heel

Some of it is about comfort, but you're willing to admit that a high percentage of the time you find a pair of quality kicks cuter than a heel.

21. You don't care if athleisure goes out of style... You'll be rocking it forever

Comfort is one thing that will never go out of style.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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20 Fashion Trends From The Early 2000s That Make Us Physically Sick To Think About Today

I might be willing to sign a petition to get Juicy tracksuits back but that's it.

The early 2000s were a time in fashion that most of us, who lived through it, try to forget about. It was full of cowl neck shirts, low-rise jeans, and other trends that send chills down my spine. Britney Spears was in her prime, pre-head shaving of course, and girls got their fashion inspo from Lizzie McGuire and Teen Vogue magazines.

1. Shiny everything.

Shiny shirts, shiny pants, or even worse... shiny cargo pants.

2. Gaucho Pants.

3. Neckties as belts.

Literally who thought this was okay. Noooooooo.

4. Timberland boots with heels.

They're not even practical. I don't understand.

5. Camo.

6. Avril Lavigne everything.

I'm not gonna sit here and act like I didn't sing "Sk8er Boi" every day of my life.

7. Cowl neck shirts.

8. Cowgirl shirts.

9. Vertical stripe flare pants. Bonus if they were corduroy.

10. Layering tank tops.

11. Beaded wire headbands, bracelets, and chokers.

12. Cuffed jeans with heels.

13. Zebra Highlights.

14. Yoga Pants.

15. Juicy Couture tracksuits.

16. Asymmetrical jersey skirts. Aka my living worst nightmare.

17. Low-rise jeans.

Often times embroidered. Double points if they're Miss Me or True Religion.

18. Flowy, hippie dresses over jeans.

19. Platform shoes.

20. Shrugs.

Omg I'm puking. I'm pretty sure I haven't used the word "shrug" to describe an article of clothing since 2006.

Cover Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar

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5 Instagrammable Lip Products For Under $8

Show off your new look for less!

Ever heard the saying “champagne taste on a wine cooler budget”? That pretty much explains my complicated relationship with makeup. I don’t wear makeup that often, so I think it’s financially irresponsible to spend a ton of money on it. A staple in my makeup routine is a good lip. High school and the beginning of college was all about a nice gloss finish, but that has changed. Regardless of the occasion I can be found with a nice matte lip, either nude or bold. There really isn’t a middle ground when it comes to my lips.

I always get compliments on my lip colors and love the responses I get when I tell people it’s a drugstore brand. I’ve tried several brands, but only a few have made the cut for repurchasing.

Choosing the perfect matte lip is a science. There are specific qualities that it must possess to become one of my favorites. Some of the deciding factors include:

Applicator: What is provided for application?

Application and Consistency: How many coats are required for full coverage?

Dry Time: What is the dry time?

Chapped Effect: Does my lips feel like the sahara desert after application?

Longevity: How long does it last from the initial application time?

Food: What does it look like after a meal?

Here are some budget-friendly matte lip options.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream $6.49

Applicator: Doe Foot (the same applicator you get with a lip gloss).

Application and Consistency: It’s creamy and takes 1-2 coats for desired results

Dry Time: Less than a minute, since it’s a cream consistency.

Chapped Effect: For a matte product my lips feel smooth and moisturized.

Longevity: It typically last for about 5 hours before touch up are needed.

Food: This product works well with most food and drinks. However, after eating anything greasy like pizza or wings there is a drastic need to reapply.

Maybelline Color Sensational $5.49

Applicator: Lipstick

Application and Consistency: Super-creamy formula. I think it being super creamy requires more coats to get my perfect lip.

Dry Time: Downside of this product is that it doesn’t dry like tradition matte products.

Chapped Effect: I would compare this product to a lip gloss. That’s great because it doesn’t dry out my lips.

Longevity: This isn’t an all day lip product. I would suggest using this solely for social media. Don’t judge me, everyone has those days when they want to get cute for selfies or snapchat.

Food: Be prepared to reapply after eating.

NYX Velvet Matte Lipstick $6.99

Applicator: Lipstick

Application and Consistency: Dry yet creamy. The thickness of the product makes it a little difficult when applying, but if done right it only takes one coat.

Dry Time: Product doesn’t require a dry time, it’s matte from the first coat.

Chapped Effect: It’s a little creamy, but after a while I feel like I should apply chapstick.

Longevity: It can last for a couple of hours pending on how much you eat. I personally get about 4 hours before I need to completely reapply.

Food: After eating I can’t tell that I had on makeup in the first place, so bring the tube with you.

Let me go on record and say I am not a fan of liquid lipsticks. I am a creamy girl, but I have played around with two in the past.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip $6.50

Applicator: Doe Foot

Application and Consistency: Liquid, but manageable. I try to be as minimal as possible and with liquid lipstick I feel the need to overcompensate to see results. It takes maybe 3-4 coats to get it right.

Dry Time: I strongly dislike that it takes a couple of minutes for it to dry. Even when I only do 2 coat it takes forever and a day.

Chapped Effect: I love how the product looks, but hate how dry it feels. I felt like my lips were dehydrated.

Longevity: Despite how it feels, this is a full day lipstick. I easily got 8 hours or more use out of it. I typically touch up when we are getting close to the 8th hour.

Food: Pretty sure I can enter a pie eating contest and it would still be there when I am done.

NYX Professional Make Lip Lingerie $6.99

Applicator: It’s a flat applicator and I hate it so much. The only benefit of it is that you can perfectly outline your lips before fully applying.

Application and Consistency: It’s creamy and takes 1-2 coats for desired results.

Dry Time: It takes 1-2 minutes for it to dry. When I’m in a rush I stand in front of a fan, don’t judge my life choices.

Chapped Effect: After a couple of hours I feel the need to apply chapstick, but it isn’t as bad as ColourPop in my opinion.

Longevity: Pending on the number of coats applied this can be an all day lipstick. With a slight touch up after lunch.

Food: Similar to the NYX Matte Lip Cream, the greaser the food the more likely you will need to apply.

Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can achieve the same results for half the cost.

Cover Image Credit: Gumzito Leruo

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