21 Ways College Prepares You For The Real World

21 Previews Of Adulting You Get In College, And You Better Be Taking Notes

Once you start adulting, you can never stop.


College is a crazy time in one's life. And the fact that we all start experiencing the highs and lows of entering adulthood doesn't make it any less crazier. As we start learning the lessons of how to “successfully" adult, we're forced to come to terms with the new reality we're facing.

Here are 21 realities of adulting in college:

1. Bills, bills, and more bills 

Once you start having them they never stop and it seems every time you’ve paid one off you have another to pay right after.

2. Once you start adulting, you can never stop

It’s just one large, vicious, endless cycle of responsibilities. It’s like you got on a roller coaster but the attendant never lets you off and you’re just stuck with all the ups and downs and turns.

3. Life and death become a lot more real

As a kid, the meaning of life of death never really clicks as it does when you're an adult. Then you start realizing all there is to life and how much one has to lose.

4. Just because you have a 12-page page paper to write doesn’t mean work will understand

Getting the education I’m paying thousands for or not going homeless is an endless debate with no real appealing answer.

5. Every decision you make you can really tell the effect it has

In your youth you never really noticed the impact each decision you make has on your life or even someone else’s.

6. You never know if you’re making the right life choices

Am I pursuing the right degree? Should I move here? Am I attending the right school? Should I accept this job?

The questions keep on coming and you make decisions. But sometimes you wonder if you’ve been making all the right ones.

7. It’s really, really hard sometimes 

There’s no way to truly prepare for what adulting entails.

8. The saying, “you only regret the chances that you didn’t take” is 100% true

If I were to think of things I regret, it’s all chances I was too scared to take. My New Years resolution this year is to stop letting my fears control my every life.

9. It’s easy to forget about yourself and your own needs, but it’s important we never do

With all that’s going on sometimes you forget about your own needs.

10. Pets are a lifesaver of epic preportions

My two cats create my comfort zone, my safety zone, and are my stress relievers.

11. It’s OK to change your mind

It’s your life. Do what’s best for you. And if a choice you made previously isntnwhat you want anymore then change it.

12. Entertainment is in many ways just as important as eating

You need entertainment to get through the trials of adulting.

13. Finding a balance to life isn’t always possible and that reality isn’t easy to come to terms with

I’m not sure if I’ll ever come to terms to not being able to create my perfectly balanced life where all my needs are being met.

14. It’s okay to make mistakes

Mistakes are natural and normal. Don’t beat yourself up over them.

15. It’s never too late to take a chance

Don’t let time passed prevent you from living the life you want to live.

16. Sometimes being the better person sucks

I totally get why someone people give up on it. It’s not always the easiest route to take. It’s always easier and makes me happier looking back then it is in the moment.

17. You don’t feel like you should be an adult yet, but here you are

Me? An adult? Oh man, this can’t end well.

18. You learn to cherish every moment as if it’s your last

Life and death become a lot more real and with that a greater understanding of what could be lost.

19. Our fears become more noticeably impactful on our lives

We don't take chances because we're so scared of something. As we get older we really start noticing the impact those fears have on our day to day lives.

20. After having to budget you learn you really spend way too much on food

But will that impact how much food you buy? That is to be seen.

21. Tax season is either the best or worst time of the year

You’re either in for a nice sum of extra cash or having to fork over any savings you’ve managed to put together.

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So, You Want To Be A Nurse?

You're going to find that nursing isn't really about the medicine or the assessments. Being a nurse is so much more than anything that you can learn in school. Textbooks can't teach you compassion and no amount of lecture time will teach you what it truly means to be a nurse.


To the college freshman who just decided on nursing,

I know why you want to be a nurse.

Nurses are important. Nursing seems fun and exciting, and you don't think you'll ever be bored. The media glorifies navy blue scrubs and stethoscopes draped around your neck, and you can't go anywhere without hearing about the guaranteed job placement. You passed AP biology and can name every single bone in the human body. Blood, urine, feces, salvia -- you can handle all of it with a straight face. So, you think that's what being a nurse is all about, right? Wrong.

You can search but you won't find the true meaning of becoming a nurse until you are in the depths of nursing school and the only thing getting you through is knowing that in a few months, you'll be able to sign the letters "BSN" after your name...

You can know every nursing intervention, but you won't find the true meaning of nursing until you sit beside an elderly patient and know that nothing in this world can save her, and all there's left for you to do is hold her hand and keep her comfortable until she dies.

You'll hear that one of our biggest jobs is being an advocate for our patients, but you won't understand until one day, in the middle of your routine physical assessment, you find the hidden, multi-colored bruises on the 3-year-old that won't even look you in the eyes. Your heart will drop to your feet and you'll swear that you will not sleep until you know that he is safe.

You'll learn that we love people when they're vulnerable, but you won't learn that until you have to give a bed bath to the middle-aged man who just had a stroke and can't bathe himself. You'll try to hide how awkward you feel because you're young enough to be his child, but as you try to make him feel as comfortable as possible, you'll learn more about dignity at that moment than some people learn in an entire lifetime.

Every class will teach you about empathy, but you won't truly feel empathy until you have to care for your first prisoner in the hospital. The guards surrounding his room will scare the life out of you, and you'll spend your day knowing that he could've raped, murdered, or hurt people. But, you'll walk into that room, put your fears aside, and remind yourself that he is a human being still, and it's your job to care, regardless of what he did.

Each nurse you meet will beam with pride when they tell you that we've won "Most Trusted Profession" for seventeen years in a row, but you won't feel that trustworthy. In fact, you're going to feel like you know nothing sometimes. But when you have to hold the sobbing, single mother who just received a positive breast cancer diagnosis, you'll feel it. Amid her sobs of wondering what she will do with her kids and how she's ever going to pay for treatment, she will look at you like you have all of the answers that she needs, and you'll learn why we've won that award so many times.

You'll read on Facebook about the nurses who forget to eat and pee during their 12-hour shifts and swear that you won't forget about those things. But one day you'll leave the hospital after an entire shift of trying to get your dying patient to eat anything and you'll realize that you haven't had food since 6:30 A.M. and you, too, will be one of those nurses who put everything else above themselves.

Too often we think of nursing as the medicine and the procedures and the IV pumps. We think of the shots and the bedpans and the baths. We think all the lab values and the blood levels that we have to memorize. We think it's all about the organs and the diseases. We think of the hospitals and the weekends and the holidays that we have to miss.

But, you're going to find that nursing isn't really about the medicine or the assessments. Being a nurse is so much more than anything that you can learn in school. Textbooks can't teach you compassion, and no amount of lecture time will teach you what it truly means to be a nurse.

So, you think you want to be a nurse?

Go for it. Study. Cry. Learn everything. Stay up late. Miss out on things. Give it absolutely everything that you have.

Because I promise you that the decision to dedicate your life to saving others is worth every sleepless night, failed test, or bad day that you're going to encounter during these next four years. Just keep holding on.


The nursing student with just one year left.

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Poetry On Odyssey: College

A Poem.


When the acceptance letter comes in the mail,

You cry, and scream, and laugh, and hug

On move-in day

You cry

And scream, and laugh, and hug

On the first day of classes

You put on your backpack

Turn your music up

And walk through an unfamiliar campus

You inhale, and exhale, and continue on your way

Studying for your first test is a challenge

You cry

And scream

No laughs or hugs.

As the days go on, you make more friends, come across more opportunities

You struggle

You thrive

Sometimes you do both in the same day

What guidance counselors don't tell you about college,

Is that

It is okay to cry

And scream

And laugh

And hug

And love

Yourself, your friends, everyone

College will be the best and worst years of your life.

You will lose yourself

You will find yourself

You will love the wrong people

And isolate yourself from the right ones

You will make bad decisions

You will make good decisions

College is a roller coater

Some days you are on top of the world


Some days the world is on top of you

That's just the way it goes

The guidance counselors don't mention these things

They mention your GPA, SAT scores, volunteer work

But not the important things







Don't be afraid of college

Whether you are a senior in high school

Or a senior in college

Remember to give your best to college,

And never let college get the best of you

Cry, and scream, and laugh, and hug

Until you get through it

Because you will.

I believe in you.

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