21 Things People With Long Hair Will Understand

21 Things People With Long Hair Will Understand

The list could have been much longer...

Having long hair most of my life has allowed me to express myself and mix it up throughout the years. I can`t imagine ever cutting my hair, especially not at this point in my life. Here are some ways in which hair can be much like a plant, growing with the flow and reaching new lengths.

1. It`s everywhere. Always.

There is no escape.

2. Not getting a piece of hair stuck in your mouth while you`re eating is a feat.

Somehow it ends up on your plate no matter how much you try to avoid it and other times it`s a miracle and you go a whole meal with your food hair free.

3. You are always apologizing to others who are affected by your locks.

Accidentally hitting your friend in the face when you spin around: Bad. Turning too fast and hitting someone with your whip--I mean braid---in a game: Oops?

4. Showering when the water is cold is terrible.

Long thick hair plus freezing cold water equals feeling like you just took a dive into a frozen lake.

5. Little bottles of shampoo/conditioner last 48 hours max.

They say you only need shampoo the size of a quarter in your palm to wash your hair. Obviously they`ve never met a person with hair that comes past their shoulders and asked what it takes to clean it.

6. Hotel bottles are one time use.

Who even invented bottles that small? Might as well ask for two more when you walk through the door if all four people were planning to share the bottle that`s only going to be enough for half of your head.

7. You get a workout in just trying to brush the mane.

When your hair gets long enough you have to be creative when trying to brush from top to bottom in one stroke.

8. Taming the mane takes time and commitment.

You want to straighten or curl those lovely locks? better wake up two hours earlier than planned. Or three. And enlist the help of a friend.

9. There are good days.

Sometimes the messy bun looks great.

10. There are extremely bad days.

Other times it looks like you haven`t done anything to it for days.

11. It gets stuck on chairs.

Those metal screws that hold the backrests on chairs are the devil.

12. Forget dust bunnies, it`s hair bunnies galore.

And sadly you have come to accept their existence.

13. Cats like you more, mainly to latch on to the "strings" attached to your head.

There`s something about hair that is so much more interesting than their ten dollar toys.

14. Getting a haircut is a nightmare.

She cuts it too short, not enough to help it grow, or you give your teammate permission to cut off your split ends. Who knows what comes next?

15. You trust no one with scissors.

Children love to cut things, and hair seems to be a hot topic among the tiny tots.

16. Flames are also nerve wracking.

I can see the headline now, 'Girl ends up burning the house down after hair caught on fire'.

17. Cooking requires a ponytail or some form of restraint.

Because as good as your hair smells after using half a bottle of shampoo, it does not belong in the brownies.

18. Drinking fountains or mini showers?

Don`t you love it when your hair swoops into the running water and...oh. No? Me either.

19. Shedding constantly.

I swear sometimes I think I`m worse than the cats/dogs/animals shedding their winter coats.

20. It gets woven into your clothing...and your roommate`s...sorry.

What can you do?

21. You absolutely love your hair, no matter how difficult it can be to manage.

You can`t imagine life without it.

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10 Reasons You Need To Go To Your Local Dry Bar Right Now

You NEED to visit Dry Bar.


Who loves getting their hair done not only faster but better? I know I do! That is why I have ten reasons why you need to visit Dry Bar. During your visit, they will wash your hair, blow dry it, and style. Just imagine if we tried to that on our own. We would maybe be hitting the 2-hour mark. I mean who REALLY likes spending 2 hours on their hair and let's be real it doesn't turn out the way we wanted it to anyway. Don't worry all these problems can be solved by visiting your local Dry Bar.

1. You will be able to relax!

Our lives are so busy these days, so finding some time to relax only comes so often.

2. You won't have to wash your hair for days 

No one likes the extra five minutes in the shower it takes to wash your hair, so take full advantage of this! You save a time that you do not have to wash your hair and someone washes your hair for you going to the Dry Bar.

3. You will be able to choose a cute hair style

You will get to choose from pictures of the styles they offer. You can get a Mai Tai, the Cosmo style, or whatever you feeling.

4. You will save time

We all know that it takes so much longer than we like to do our hair because most of us are not experienced, hairdressers. So when you have a professional hair stylist doing your hair, you'll be saving so much more time.

5. You will use higher end products in your hair

The Dry Bar offers many different products and different lines that are high quality for your hair.

6. The style will last in your hair

We all try to have our hair styles to last for days because again most of us all terrible hair stylists.

7. During your appointment, you will receive complimentary drinks

Who loves FREE? I definitely do! Take full advantage of the little free things we do get by getting your free drinks.

8. Your hair will be looking beautiful and shiny

Your hair will be shiny. I love shiny and beautiful hair so they can be looking good on the gram.

9. You can get other things done while getting your hair done

Everyone is busy and stressed. So why not hit two birds with one stone. That paper due in an hour and get your hair done for tonight's event.

10.  You will get excellent service during your stay

You will feel appreciated and cared for you entire stay. It's the little things.

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