1. You’ll get to go home and sleep in your own bed, and it’s the best sleep you’ve had in months.

2. You’ll finally get to hug your mom after four months.

3. And then you get to immediately hug your dog afterwards.

4. You’ll be reunited with your best friend, and it’ll be like you never left each other’s side.

5. And you’ll probably go back to high school to watch a Christmas concert and support your friends that are still stuck in that hell hole.

6. But you’ll get to see your favorite teacher and that will make the whole experience OK.

7. And someone that you went to high school with will probably hit on you at the concert.

8. At some point, you’ll definitely run into your old crush, and you'll strut past them like the goddamn goddess you are.

9. However, you’ll also run into your old nemesis in the grocery store, causing you to turn down every aisle in order to avoid them.

10. You’ll get together with your old friends and they will immediately say, “Oh my God, I missed you so much!”

11. And one of them will inevitably go on and on about how many people that they’ve slept with.

12. While another one will go on and on about the one time they got drunk off of a beer and a half at their first college party.

13. And you’ll realize that you didn’t actually miss some of them at all.

14. And you’ll sit in your old hangout spot, listening to your friends, and realize that you miss your friends from college (and hope that they miss you, too).

15. You’ll spend Christmas with your relatives, and every single one of them will ask how college is and what you’re majoring in and if you're still single.

16. You’ll wake up on Christmas Day and pray that you have a ton of money (and also a ton of socks) in your stocking.

17. Eventually, the day will come where you have to go back to college, and you’ll feel bittersweet about it.

18. On one hand, you’re going to miss your friends and family.

19. But, on the other hand, you’re super excited to see your roommate(s) again and have a ton of dance parties.

20. And then, of course, you realize that the next semester is starting up as soon as you get back to your dorm, and you die a little bit inside.

21. But at least you have your roommate(s) to help you get through school until spring break.