If you're anything like I am as a college student at age twenty-one, you've probably had most of these moments or feelings at least once lately (if you haven't, please tell me your secrets because I want your life). Are you a kid? Are you an adult? Some weird combination of both? Hang in there, everyone. We're all in this together.

1. The sinking feeling that college is almost over

2. In tandem with the excitement of adulthood and getting a real paycheck

3. Being annoyed when you get asked for your ID

4. But also still getting annoyed when you aren't asked for it

5. "So how's the job search going?"

6. The look on your face when people you went to high school with are getting married

7. ...Or having children

8. But also secretly being a little envious of them

9. When you realize how expensive existing is

10. Looking at the the terms and conditions of your student loans for the first time since signing off on them

11. And realizing you have to pay them

12. Applying for jobs like

13. When your relatives ask why you haven't brought home a "nice boy (or girl)" yet

14. When you realize there are eleven year olds who have their lives more together than you

15. Trying to save money

16. When you start to realize your parents were right about -insert advice here-

17. Being surprised when you do the responsible thing for once

18. When people try to provide you with (mostly) well-intentioned advice, but it's annoying

19. Trying so desperately to get your life together

20. And feeling so close to having it together, but

21. So, just in general, constantly freaking out about your life