21 Feelings You May Encounter If You Turn 21 On A School Day

Twenty-first birthdays are notorious for celebrations at bars and letting that newfound ability loose. However, if your 21st birthday was during the school week and you didn't drink enough to forget about homework, here are 21 feelings you may go through on your 21st.

1. When it's weeks before the actual day, and you start to realize that soon you can go into an actual store and buy actual alcoholic products:

2. When it's finally your birthday week but you still have to wait 'til the actual day:

3. When you stay up 'til midnight so you can celebrate the fact that it's finally your 21st birthday:

4. When it's a school night so instead of immediately hitting the bars, you hit the hay:

5. When you wake up the next morning, and guess what? IT'S STILL YOUR BIRTHDAY:

6. When you have to go to class on your birthday:

7. When you sit in class but you aren't really feeling it today because your phone keeps vibrating and you just want to go have fun:

8. When class ends and you finally get to celebrate your birthday:

9. When all your friends still have that class thing:

10. When they finally get out of class and you finally get to go out and celebrate your 21st rotation around the sun:

11. When you go to a restaurant and the waitress comes to the table:

12. When you now have the power to buy alcohol just by showing a card with your face on it, whereas yesterday it only let you drive:

13. When the fact that you have this newfound power hits you:

14. When you are openly drinking in public and you sort of feel like this:

15. When you get back to campus, and your birthday celebration still isn't over:

16. When you realize that theoretically you could do this every day, and it's not just a birthday thing:

17. When you remember it's a school night and homework is an actual thing:

18. When alcohol makes you tired so halfway through reading Shakespeare that you're just like:

19. When you tell yourself that you are just going to take a nap but you end up passing out for the full night:

20. When you wake up the next morning and remember last night's events:

21. Even though you didn't go really hard, and chose class over a glass, you know that you can know just go to a public place and order any beverage you want and no one can really stop you. SCORE.

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