21 Facts That Will Make 90s Kids Feel Old
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21 Facts That Will Make 90s Kids Feel Old

RIP to our beloved Nintendogs.

21 Facts That Will Make 90s Kids Feel Old
Thought Catalog

We are young and still in our prime but us 90s kids are no longer kids. Some will tell you that you are too young to feel old but I dare you to try to deny that these facts make you feel as ancient as the original Gameboy.

1. Furby's are older than high schoolers.

2. Your Nintendogs are now 12 years old.

And you stopped feeding them 10 years ago, so, in more ways than one: RIP Nintendogs.

3. While we're mourning; Club Penguin is shutting down.

4. This is what a Bop It looks like now.

I will never accept this.

5. These bad boys have been discontinued in the United States for five years.

6. "Barbie Girl" by Aqua came out 20 years ago.

While we're reminiscing hit songs, "Ignition (Remix)," "Toxic," "Stacy's Mom" and "Get Low" all turn 14 years old this year.

7. This Baby Bottle Pop commercial aired 19 years ago.

8. Which was the same year the Gameboy Color came out and changed the game... literally.

9. Which was one year after this iconic commercial's premiere.

10. Mean Girls, The Incredibles and The Notebook all came out 13 years ago.

All very different types of legendary. All feel like just yesterday.

11. This iconic anthem turns 10 years old this year.

12. Charlie, as in the one who bites fingers, is now 10 years old.

And his innocent, older brother is 13.

13. Chad Michael Murray is now older than Karen Rowe was when One Tree Hill started.

14. Melissa Joan Hart is older than Aunt Hilda Aunt Zelda were when Sabrina The Teenage Witch aired.

To clarify, she is older than the actresses playing her aunts were at the time this aired. Everyone knows that Hilda and Zelda were really 600 years old.

15. DJ Tanner has a daughter who is the same age she was when Full House ended.

16. Lizzie McGuire has a son... with someone who is not Gordo.

17. Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Costa-Brava Cortez (aka Spy Kid icon) is a mom.

18. Her husband/baby daddy is our favorite helmet wearing member of Big Time Rush.

19. Meanwhile, Juni Cortez is dating Meghan Trainor.

20. Tommy Pickles is 27 years old.

Oh and Dill and Lill are 27 and a half, Chuckie is 28 and Angelica is 29.

21. Lastly, kids born in 2000 are applying for college.

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