21 Country Songs For Your Summer Playlist

When it comes to summertime, everyone is ready for the days at the lake, the nights by the fire, and the long road trips to places you have always wanted to go. We spend our summers jammin' to the radio on the long way home, singing along to the words as you spend the day on the boat, or just simply letting the music play in the background as you have late night talks with your best friends.

Whatever it may be, we all have our summer playlists and here are 21 country songs I recommend for your summer playlist:

1. "Drunk Me" by Mitchell Tenpenny

2. "Take You Home" by Cassadee Pope

3. "The Regulars" by Sean Swenson

4. "Drunk Girl" by Chris Jansen

5. "Most People Are Good" by Luke Bryan

6. "Alcohol You Later" by Mitchell Tenpenny

7. "Meant To Be" by Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha

8. "Radio" by J. Hartley

9. "Lying" by Caleb Dobbs

10. "How Bad Could One Kiss Hurt" by Dylan Schneider

11. "Festival" by Raelynn

12. "Hello Summer" by Danielle Bradbery

13. "Hope It Starts Raining" by Hunter Phelps

14. "Singles You Up" by Jordan Davis

15. "Almost Over You" by Jessie James Decker and Randy Houser

16. "New Girl" by Dustin Lynch

17. "All The Pretty Girls" by Kenny Chesney

18. "Act Like You Don’t" by Brooke Eden

19. "No Problem" by Dylan Schneider

20. "Hotel Key" by Old Dominion

21. "Life Changes" by Thomas Rhett

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your summer playlist.

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