21 Birthday Wishes For My Boyfriend
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21 Birthday Wishes For My Boyfriend

Forever Wishing You The Best

21 Birthday Wishes For My Boyfriend

Happy 21st birthday to the man whose laughter and smile I live by. Even though it's your day to blow out the candles on your cake, here are 21 wishes I have for you on your special day and year of "twenty-fun."

1. That You Have A Happy Birthday!

May your day be as amazing as you are and I hope all of your wishes come true not just today, but every day.

2. Good Health

This milestone brings upon a new year of challenges, important decisions, and opportunities, and I want you to face them all! Stay healthy by eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

3. Success

I wish you success in everything you do. You are strong willed and not afraid of a challenge. Use that to your advantage.

4. New Opportunities

Don't say "no" to new opportunities, even though they may scare you. Greet them with excitement and proceed with ease. You will learn along the way.

5. Make Smart Choices

You make smart choices 99.9% of the time, but if you ever get the urge to be wiLd, think before you act. There can be consequences.

6. Learn From Your Mistakes

Don't dwell on your mistakes, focus on what you can do next time to prevent them. There is always a lesson learned when you make a mistake.

7. Try New Things

You're a person who is very set in their ways, but I hope you will be courageous enough to try something new, even if it's food.

8. Be More Outgoing

You have so much to offer to this world. Step out of your comfort zone and let people know the charismatic and silly man I've grown to love.

9. Travel

Go outside of what you know! There's a whole world waiting to be explored by you! Travel when you can, even if it's day trips or weekends away.

10. Be Optimistic

Try to look at everything with a positive perspective. Don't beat yourself up for the little things. Life happens. Smile and keep pushing forward.

11. Do Well In School

With only two years left, I hope you take advantage of the education that is helping to shape your future. School may seem annoying, but you will miss it when it's over. So with that being said, don't hold back and try your absolute hardest, not for anyone but yourself. Go out with a bang!

12. Let Go Of Toxic Relationships

Truly say goodbye to the negative people in your life. You are better than their immaturity. You don't need anyone's permission on how to live your life, so pay no mind to their "opinions."

13. Good Fortune

Work hard and save for the future. I know you have big dreams and want to attain them by yourself, so save up and it will all pay off.

14. Continue Your Hobbies And Attain New Ones

Keep on collecting your guns, fishing, and snowboarding! Never give up on the things that make you smile, but, open yourself up to new hobbies. You never know what else you could love doing.

15. Drink Responsibly

I know when you drink it usually consists of us sitting on the couch and watching HGTV while drinking wine, but if you ever go out with friends, be responsible and call if you ever need a ride. (I know you don't want to get lectured but oh well!)

16. Clean Your Room!!!

This wish is more for me (lol), but time to stop hoarding and clean your room. You will feel better after getting rid of old meaningless things and in that process, you will be making room for new things, like the smart tv you want.

17. Be Safe

Now that you're 21 you are going to apply for your pistol license. I know collecting guns and shooting targets is one of your hobbies, but make sure to always be safe and never take any chances.

18. Have Fun

Let yourself go and make sure to save room for doing the things that make you laugh. School and work keep you busy, but always make sure to have "me" time. You deserve to spoil yourself every once in awhile.

19. Good Luck

On your down days, I hope luck finds its way to you and makes that frown disappear. And if luck just isn't on your side, it will be another day. Don't forget that.

20. Meet New People

Who wouldn't want to be friends with that handsome face of yours? Hang out with your peers from college, off campus, and see if new friendships bud.

21. Always Love Yourself

Never doubt your self-worth. You are one of the most kindhearted, caring, stubborn, yet lovable people I have ever know. Even when we were just friends, I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have someone on my team like you. You have brought light into my life and I am forever grateful to be your partner in crime. Trust me, I am not the only person who feels this way about you. You are so loved and always will be.

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