Today is my 21st birthday, so what better story to write than what I'm most grateful for. Every year on my birthday I feel loved because of my family, friends, coworkers and people I spend my days with. Saying happy birthday doesn't take much out of someone's day, but it sure does mean the world to that birthday person.

In honor of my big 21, here are 21 things I'm grateful for.

1. A healthy, happy family

Family is everything to me. I'm extremely grateful for my healthy, happy, close-knit family. I would be nowhere without their consistent love and support for everything I do.

2. Education

More specifically, Bowling Green State University is something I'm thankful to be a part of. Education is a beautiful thing and I will never take that for granted.

3. My friends from home

I have friends that have stuck to my side through thick and thin. I still have my high school best friends still to this day, you all know who you are. They understand my childhood and practically have grown up with me. I'm grateful to have such a close-knit group of friends who still stick together, even with the distance.

4. My friends from college

I couldn't imagine who I'd be without meeting my friends I've met in college. They're hilarious, caring, clever and driven individuals that have single-handedly made me a better person and opened up my eyes more. They have grown with me throughout all our college careers and I'm grateful to have met each and every one of them (you know who you are).

5. My big, warm bed

At the end of each and every long day, I have a nice warm bed to dive into. Some people aren't as fortunate to have one and every day I am grateful to have one to come home to.

6. Traveling

The world is a beautiful place and to have the privilege to travel to wherever my dreams go truly paves a wonderful road of experiences and learning opportunities. I love traveling and I'm so grateful to be able to explore this world.

7. Music

Music heals the mind and soul; it has the power to take you away from reality. I think I would lose my mind without listening to it and for that, I am thankful.

8. Health

I can run, jump, skip and am a fully functioning woman. Some people are less fortunate or sometimes not able to do things due to poor health. Once you think about it, it's truly a blessing.

9. Technology

I think technology is amazing. It allows you to be able to do just about anything at your fingertips. It keeps people connected, entertaining and a concept I'll never fully understand. Because of technology I can speak to others across the world, make connections and discover new things daily.

10. My morning cup of coffee

There's nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning. Simple as that.

11. Work

I love work, I love my coworkers, and I love that I get to do what I enjoy on a daily basis. Work puts me in a wonderful mood and I enjoy talking to each and every person that walks through those doors. I'm grateful that I enjoy working and am good at what I do.

12. My singing ability

Although I don't use it to my full capability all the time, I was blessed with a beautiful singing voice. As I said before, music heals the heart. I'm grateful for my talent every day, even if I don't acknowledge it daily.

13. My ambition and drive

If I want something, I'm going for it at full speed. I've grown up and have been taught that if I want something, I have to go and get it. Here I am, 21 years later and fully motivated to get whatever my heart desires.

14. The ability to laugh at me

I love people with humor and I can take a joke pretty well. I think it's good to laugh at yourself now and then. I'm grateful for people who make me laugh, even if it's at me.

15. All animals

How can someone not adorable all animals? They're fluffy, cute, nice and beautiful creatures. If it wasn't for other obligations, I'd have a farm of millions of animals and sit in the middle and play with them all day. Don't think I'm crazy, I know that's everyone's dream.

16. My car

I worked hard for my car and purchased it with my own money. It can get me to any place at any time. I used to not have a car and I realized just how much you need one. I'm grateful for my car and happy I'm able to drive and function with one on a daily basis.

17. My hometown

Twinsburg, Ohio is something I may have taken for granted, but being away from my hometown shows me how comfortable I am living within it. It's everything I've known growing up, making memories and meeting people in. I'm grateful to grow up and living in such a nice city.

18. My roommates

My college roommates have taught me how to live with others, share my things better and most importantly share something with me that I haven't with anyone else. It's' not easy living with friends at times, but I'm grateful for all my past, present and future roomies.

19. Big hoodies and leggings

This is my daily outfit. Yes, I'm always comfy. Yes, I look like a potato. And yes, I wouldn't know what to wear without these clothing items. It's the little things.

20. Outside

This may seem vague, but being outside is something that makes me happy. The smell of fresh cut grass, smelling like bonfire on a warm summer night, the sound of rain hitting the pavement. I'm grateful I can enjoy being outside and enjoy life while doing it.

21. Birthday celebrations

It's just another excuse to surround myself with everyone I love and have a great day!

Cheers to 21 years of life!