10 Ways To Make 2020 YOUR year

A new year is coming, which mean everyone will be trying to set goals and become the "new" you that you want to be. Sometimes though, our plans for the new year don't fall through, so we wait until next year again. Here are 10 ways to help make 2020 YOUR year, or at least try to make it a kick ass one.

1. Make a bucket list and actually do some things on it.


The bucket list does not have to be completed in the year, but you can create things to do specifically for that year and keep updating it overtime. I personally like doing a new year bucket list but I will add things overtime to complete for the years to come when I get to it. YOLO!

2. Set GOALS! (small or large)


Don't procrastinate your goals! Goals make us strive to do things in life. Set those goals, large or small, and put them in motion. They can be anything from losing 5 pounds to applying to a master's program.

3. Be easy on yourself


I am learning that no one is are worst critic than our own selves. When we take things one moment at a time and learn to be gentle with ourselves, we can accomplish so much more and be happier.

4. Plan time for self-care


Self-care is crucial for happiness. I lost my self-care when I started working and interning and going back to school. Make time to do the things that make you energetic and learn to say no sometimes to other things that drain you. if you need a day off from interning, tell them.

5. Schedule things that are important to you


I actually got a planner and put things in there that matter to me that I schedule that I look forward to. It also keeps me organized which is another plus.

6. Take risks!


Learn to overcome fear. You don't need to audition for American Idol, but if you sing, get the courage to go to that coffee shop and sing your heart out. You never know where it could lead you and your confidence.

7. Build up your confidence


Speaking up confidence, build up your worth. No one is out biggest critic but ourselves.. We are our own worst enemies, and mentioned before. Find things you love about yourself to make it a kick ass year.

8. Learn to care a little less (but also don't forget to care overall...)


Learn to pick and choose tour battles. Learn to care less about people who say things about you at work but to care more about the people who love you for you. Learn to care less, but to still care about what is vital in your life.

9. Put yourself first


Put yourself first. I am not saying blow off a friends birthday party that is important to you so you can nap, but if you are drained from a trip and got invited out, you can say no and stay home and relax. Put your needs first.

10. Focus on YOU


Lastly, which ties into number 9, FOCUS ON YOU. It's your life, and you only got one.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make it a good one. 2020!

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