50 Gifts And 23 Stores To Shop For Your Ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide
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50 Gifts And 23 Stores To Shop For Your Ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide

A tailored guide for all of your holiday shopping needs.

50 Gifts And 23 Stores To Shop For Your Ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide
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With the holidays right around the corner and Black Friday only days away, holiday shopping is in full swing. If you don't know what to get the people in your life during your Black Friday shopping I've compiled a list of some fun ideas to help you work your way through all of the sales. Happy shopping!

1. TV and Movie Lovers

My go-to option for gifts is pop culture items. Think about your friend's favorite tv show or movie. Now, think of their face if they got a replica of a signed script. For tv and movie lovers it's a fun way to show off their love for it. Keychains, sweatshirts, jewelry inspired by the movie, prints, ornaments, mugs, stickers, pins, patches, and games make amazing gifts. You could also search the name of their favorite shows or movies to see what else pops up if you're unsure of what exactly you want to buy them.

Best places to look: Etsy, Redbubble, Amazon, or Boxlunch

2. Book Lovers

Sometimes getting a gift for a book lover could be difficult--you don't know what to buy them or if they'll like a book you get. What you can do is ask them what their favorite books are because you're looking for new reads. Any book they gush about look up similar ones. Or, if they have a book wishlist, refer to that. If you want to take it a step further, there are items for book lovers like this personalized library embalmer or this library card stamp for someone's own personal library. That is if they don't mind not having the book in pristine condition. You could also get them a book review journal so they can keep track of all the books they read! For those that like to tab their favorite lines but don't like how the tabs stick out or fall out after some time, these book darts are the perfect alternative! They're metal, don't hang over the edge, and look really nice. You can also never go wrong with a new bookmark! Finally, any book character, book, book series that they love you could get something from that. For these, Etsy is a great place to look. Like these book character inspired candles are a cute gift that any book lover would appreciate.

Best places to look: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookoutlet, Thrift Books, Etsy

3. Custom

For those who don't know what to get someone that's a more personal gift, custom gifts can be really helpful. For those in relationships, this custom constellation pillow is a cute gift to show you care. Add in the coordinates where the two of you first met and the pillow will show the night sky from that night! There are also these custom Spotify Acrylic Plaques that allow you to choose any song and photo. Use a song that's special to you both, a wedding song, or a song that reminds you of the other person/ your relationship, and use your favorite photo of the two of you. For friends, custom wine glasses are a cute idea. This wine glass is good if you both enjoy the show Friends. It says, "the one where we became friends" and you fill in the date for "established." It's a cute, heartfelt gift.

Best places to look: Etsy

4. Self-Care

Self-care gifts make for some of the greatest gifts. Sheet masks, Face roller and gua sha sets, gel eye maks, spa headbands, silicone face mask tools, scalp massagers, and fuzzy socks are some of the best choices!

Best places to look: Target, Amazon, Ulta, Sephora

5. Environmentally-friendly

For your eco-friendly loved ones or just because you want to promote more environmentally friendly living, these gifts will allow you to do that! The big three--at least in my experience--are reusable water bottles, reusable tumblers, and reusable travel mugs. Throwing in reusable straws is also a good addition. Also, if someone is a big coffee drinker and has a Keurig, get them reusable K-cups!

Best places to look: Amazon, Etsy, Target, Starbucks, or Dunkin

6. Future

This is really good for your loved ones that are entering this new stage in their lives. Whether it's going off to graduate programs, law school, med school, entering the workforce, or anything else this would be a way to say how you're proud of them and you believe in their dreams. A great gift, specifically for teachers, would be supplies for their first classroom. If they have a wishlist, that is a great place to start.

Best places to look: Amazon, Etsy

7. Music

For those that really love music, these custom song keychains are a great gift for the people in your life who really love music. Also, t-shirts, pop-sockets, phone cases, and even earrings could be a fun way for your loved ones to show off their love for their favorite musicians and bands. Also, if someone has a record player, get them a record or two.

Best places to look: Etsy, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, any local Record Store

8. Art

For your artsy people in your life, you could get new supplies. Brushes, paints, canvases, fabric, items for DIY projects, etc are great ideas. Depending on the person it really depends, so if you know the type of art they tend to use as their medium then you should have a good idea. If this is a more laid back and crafty gift, look up DIY projects on Pinterest or even TikTok and get some supplies for those. Then, you could have a fun craft night as part of the gift.

Best places to look: Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Joanne's Fabric

9. Writers

For your writer friends, notebooks and pens are easy go-tos. If you wanted a little something more you could always get a waterproof note pad for the shower, a screenwriting workbook, this 'do not disturb' sign, this mug, and this magnetic poetry kit are super helpful for writers!

Best places to look: Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, Barnes & Noble

10. Fashion

This is super broad and depends person-to-person. My suggestion is that if anyone who loves fashion is on your gift-guide then really listen to what they like, want, and/or are interested in then that is an option. Because style is very subjective make sure you have a grasp of their personal style. Gift cards tend to be the easiest. But, if someone has mentioned something they really want then maybe give that a go. I'm sorry this one isn't as specific but fashion tends to be so personal that it can be hard to get a read on at times. My best advice is accessories that fit your friends aesthetic may be really beneficial like sunglasses, scrunchies, baguette bags, or earrings.

Best places to look: eBay, Amazon, Marshalls, Target, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing

11. Makeup

For makeup, you could always go with a gift card so they could get what they want, but there are some products they may like, especially if they've mentioned it. Any lip product is pretty safe. Lip gloss is really popular right now, so that could be a cute little gift to get. If the person who loves makeup has mentioned a pallet then that could be an option. But, again, gift cards are sometimes the easiest because it gives them a chance to get what they really want!

Best places to look: Sephora, Ulta, CVS, Rite-aid

12. Decor

If someone you know has recently moved, looking to redecorate, or just loves different decor then this area is right up your alley! Again, because it's tricky this could definitely venture into gift card territory. But, I'm going to list some ideas. Fake ivy wall hangings, faux marble statues, mirror wall details, or a digital clock display were all some cool things that I found.

Best places to look: Etsy, Amazon, Target, HomeGoods

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