2018: I have three words for you. Thank u, next.

You were one big lesson.

Breaking me down so that 2019 could build me up.

12 long months of constant stress and frustration and ache.

365 days of building myself up only to feel torn down again.

8670 hours of learning life and trying to find who I am.

I'm gonna be honest here. Despite the many amazing memories and adventures, 2018 was one big rollercoaster of meh. I won't say I'm 100% happy to see 2018 go, but I'm also not sad to see it go, whatsoever.

And I did learn my fair share in 2018, but 2019 will be a better year. A happier, healthier, and overall better year. A year of adventures, finding my future, and being my best self. Even when there's all this talk about the next year having the same-old, same-old "new year, new me" mantra- it doesn't always happen. Every year, we all establish goals and want so bad to follow them through, but somehow we fail.

2018 was a year of adventures, lessons, and perseverance. But what's more important is that 2019 will be a year of more. It'll be a year where I know where my life is going. Finding how my talents will help me to make an impact in the world. And despite the "fake news" that surrounds almost everything in society these days, it's a new year, meaning that I have the chance to grow more and learn from 2018.

That's what new years and time passing provide us with. They give us the opportunities to learn from our faults and grow to be the people we're becoming. Yet, it's not always easy to accept what lies behind us and be certain of what lies ahead. Our futures provide us with growth and change- neither of which is easy.

Yet, I fully believe that 2019 will be a truly better year. A year of exploring what possibly lies ahead and accepting what I can't.

365 days of building and opening up to new adventures and opportunities.

12 months of creating a future I'm going to love.

8670 hours of becoming my best self and exploring a new side of life braving the terror of what could be.