Watching the Super Bowl is always fun, but plenty of people make it better by playing a drinking game. Here are the rules for the 2019 Super Bowl drinking game.

1. Every time the Patriots score, take a shot.

2. Every time the Rams score, take a drink.

3. Every time Brady throws an interception, take a shot.

4. Finish your drink if a quarterback gets sacked.

5. Take a drink if a player points to the sky.

Image result for player pointing to sky nfl

6. Take a drink if a player dances after a touchdown.

7. Take a shot if the first commercial is a car.

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8. Take a drink if the second commercial is a beer.

9. Finish your drink if you go pee before halftime.

10. Take a drink every first down.

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11. Take a drink if a coach yells at a referee.

12. Take a drink every time there's a baby in a commercial.

13. Take a drink when a field goal is made.

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14. Take a drink if there's a flag on the play.

15. Finish your drink if your team wins.

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And that's it, folks. If you end up completely plastered, don't blame me. Blame the Patriots.