Vacation is an obvious time for relaxation, but when it comes to the end of the year holidays, you're supposed to be getting ready to set all those New Year's Resolutions for yourself. This year, I chose to scratch that and instead, I indulged in the good company of myself and did things for me and I don't regret it at all. Sorry, not sorry. 2019 will come when 2019 will come.

Here are 5 things I did over Winter Break you might want to try for yourself in the New Year.

1. Walk on the beach 


Although it was cold AF in NorCal this Winter, walking on the beach is one of my favorite ways to relieve stress, watch the sunset, or my all time endless amounts of dogs. Beach wandering is especially special to me during this time of year, because together my mom and I have an annual tradition of throwing marbles into the ocean for good luck on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. This year, I froze my arse off, but celebrating that tradition is something I look forward to every year.

2. Paint 


I was never the artistic type. But, when you're in college and you have no money for Christmas gifts, it helps to get a little creative. Painting also helped me realize how relaxing it is to tune out from the world for a few hours, listen to music, and focus on something other than social media. You're probably not wondering, but I painted a succulent and some flowers, nothing too fancy.

3. Workout 


Okay, first off, it was a workout just getting into the gym. Like, I said, I'm a college kid balling on a budget. I'm not paying $75.00 (or however much it is) for a winter break gym pass. But it's okay, they probably didn't notice me sneaking in every time. Anyways, hitting the gym, especially with a longtime workout buddy, was perhaps one of the most rewarding and invigorating feelings I had all holiday break. Jeeez was I sore, but my body probably needed it after how much junk I ate after Christmas.

4. DIY spa night


I think I probably did some shape or form of a spa regimen every night this holiday break, but that's only because I'm taking advantage of the bathtub while I'm at home. I LOVE BATH BOMBS. Not to mention, I probably changed my nail color 5 times. I simply cannot have the same nails for Christmas and New Year's. Also, I may have hundreds of sheet masks, but I'm here for a good time and a long time.

5. Treat yo self 


Okay, okay, Christmas and the holidays are known to be a time for giving. That's fine and all. I did that. But you know I was back at the mall on December 26th because it was finally time to treat myself. Shopping is often my therapy, and one of the best feelings in the world is indulging in a new purchase after working hard and achieving something. After doing well this past quarter in school, I broke the bank just a little. But that's okay because I got some Christmas money too.