Dear 2018, Thank You Already


Chapter 1/12 in the book called 2018 is finally complete.

Most of us can agree that January felt like it lasted forever, and I agree. These 31 days felt more like 60, and I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about it.

From the death of my grandfather the second week of the year to the start of my final semester of my undergraduate career, 2018 so far has been rough nonetheless. However, I do feel the "new year, new me" effect. Though cliche to most people, I do feel that this new year has already changed me. I feel a burst of creativity that I've never felt before, I already see myself stepping more and more out of my introverted comfort zone.

As previously stated, this month kicked off my last semester at my University, and nervous isn't even the word. My last five months are devoted to more self-discovery, figuring out exactly what my passion(s) is/are, and making the best out of my little time here. Though that sounds like everything is going perfectly fine, let's not forget to add in my classes I'm taking this semester while working to fund my senior year as well as necessary expenses, on-campus involvement, and trying to involve myself with resume-building experiences that will make securing a post-grad job easier.

This does sound like a lot and believe me - it is. But the last thing I will do is complain because growth is stressful anyway. I'm focused on keeping positive, wishing for the best in all aspects of life, and having as much fun as possible.

Dear 2018,

Thank you already.

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