It's quite unbelievable how quickly this year has gradually arrived at an end. I remember decorating a Christmas tree at my home like it was a few months ago. I think this is an incredible time for everybody to pause for a moment to reflect how 2018 has formed them into the individual that will enter into the new year next week. Consistently we change, regardless of whether it feels like we don't. However, it's so vital to perceive the small and significant changes that have occurred in our lives in order to grow and learn from it. While I adore pondering the decisive moments I have had, it is critical to recognize the negatives.

Possibly this year was perfectly excellent for some of you, yet I realize that for some, it was the complete opposite. Hence, it's imperative to weigh the negatives and positives on an equivalent scale because both sides can incredibly influence us. Whatever happened to you, remember that it happened for a reason and that you have something so much better coming to your way. Also, we don't forgive because we are weak, but because we are wise enough to understand that holding on to hatred and bitterness will only withhold us from numerous wonderful endowments that life has to offer us.

I'm grateful for many things that happened to me in 2018. One of them is being part of the Odyssey community at Rutgers. Writing on Odyssey has given me a reason and place to voice my thoughts with the world, and it has allowed me to do what I adore. Writing is one of my hobbies among music, painting, biking, and hiking that I was able to pursue in 2018 and I'm proud of myself that I did. I think Odyssey isn't merely helping its writers to explore themselves, but also giving an opportunity to be open-minded, share their opinions and thoughts on various issues and learn from others. I always enjoyed reading poetry but never wrote one until I joined Odyssey, so I want to thank Odyssey from the depth of my heart for providing me such a platform to achieve what I dreamed about it.

Another major event that happened in 2018 was being offered an internship at one of the prestigious tech+finance company in NYC which has worldwide customers. It all started from a bi-annual hackathon at Rutgers. I learned about this company and applied for their upcoming coding challenge in NYC. It went well but not as great as I expected. TBH, I wasn't expecting them to offer me an internship. I thought I wouldn't make it for sure since there had many other more experienced developers who were also participating with me. I always heard this phrase, and now it seems like its becoming part of my life that "you never know what the future holds!" I'm so grateful to be part of Rutgers Hackathon (HackRU) and so appreciative to being offered an internship. It truly made my year since I was hunting for such an opportunity for a long time.

Also, I got my part-time job at Rutgers in my field, which I love. So, it was a year to remember and celebrate. A reflection of 2018 indeed remind me of all the good and bad time that I have been tough, but I want to carry positive memories with me into 2019. Instead of holding on things that didn't go as expected, I like to learn a lesson and move on quickly because eventually, you have to do it so. The year's end is an opportunity to be transparent with yourself, and it's the essential time to do such. I consider what I have done, consider myself responsible for things that possibly I have to change or keep doing it, and utilize that to grow. Each new day is another chance to enhance ourselves: physically and mentally. I am beginning today so that I can be prepared for tomorrow, and you're more than welcome to join.

Thanks for everything! Have a happy and healthy new year!