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The freshest (footwear) line up of the year

Patrik Ragnarsson

Being that I own 31 pairs of shoes, excessive I know that’s a different story, I like to consider myself an expert when it comes to the footwear department. Therefore, I feel fairly qualified to give a rundown of the must have shoes in 2017.


Sneakers are usually the ones that tend to bulk up my collection. I like to call myself a sneakerhead, everytime I turn my head, I’m buying a new pair of sneakers.

Adidas - there are so many different colors and styles to choose and they’re for sure going to give your next outfit some funky street flare. My personal favorite are the adidas gazelle.

Pumas- A new upcoming brand, thanks to Rihanna, that releases the boldest styles with an eclectic touch to help you amp up your look.

Platforms- Looking for a way to add some oomph to your outfit? Pop on some platforms and your there. They give your look a little spice (and height), all while still keeping the classic sneaker look.


A classic staple you can dress up or down.

White boots- A little risky, and can be hard to style. But once you find the look trust me you’ll never go back. A fresh white boot will be sure to keep you looking trendy and chic no matter where you go. White boots are in this year, and if you’re looking to edge out your friends on the runway, these are the shoe for you.

Black bootie- Whether you’ve got Doc Martens, or or favorite leather chelsea boots. You favorite black booties will be timeless piece.


I’m not so much a sandal person because toes freak me out, but I do have a few pairs that I keep in rotation because the summer months would be unbearable without them.

Loafers- Not so much a sandal and more a slipper. Basically a slipper that’s sure to give you the office casual look you're desperately trying to achieve after running out of the house 15 minutes late.

Slides- Another trend that’s taking the world by storm. Nowadays you can get them in any color, any style and even any texture. I’m currently an owner of the fenty puma slides, although on the pricier side, they were one of my best investments. I wear them far too often to be honest.

Mules- A bold style that I have yet to take on. Only the hippest of the hip go for these bad boys. I honestly don’t feel cool enough to wear them. Everyone I see wearing them has such a fresh look, it’s hard to replicate

And yes, I do own almost every pair I’ve displayed here. As a shoe connoisseur, it would be wrong not to show you all my gold.

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